Alice’s Pregnancy Diary

We know you all love a good natter about pregnancy. Our own lovely Becky is ,as you know, expecting but it’s always nice to hear some other stories too. So today we are introducing you to Alice (great name by the way!!) who will be sharing her pregnancy diary with you are she navigates her way through this exciting time. We hope you will say a big hello and share your stories too.

Weeks 5 – 12

Hello everyone, my name is Alice and I’ve just begun my second trimester. I will be blogging my pregnancy diaries for Rock My Family, the good, the bad and the ugly!

So to kick things off it makes sense to start with the first 12 weeks.

My husband Matt and I approached ‘trying for a baby’ very lackadaisically. (I can sense all you other fertile Mammas shaking your heads at me right now) but I genuinely believed it would take upwards of three months to conceive, so when he jokingly said to me one Sunday afternoon ‘let’s make a baby’ – so romantic, I didn’t actually think we would. First time.

Without seeming insensitive to those who struggle to conceive it was a big surprise to me. I had been tracking my periods regularly using an app on my phone so should have really known that the particular time was one of my fertile days, but, like I said I genuinely thought it would take a while.

However when my period was late a few weeks later, I did question (doubt) myself. When the phone app got to ‘period is 7 days late’ I realised I probably couldn’t ignore it much longer. On the 4th January I went to Wilkinson’s on my lunch break and bought the cheapest pregnancy test they had. I then hot footed it to Marks and Spencer – the nearest place with a toilet and took the test. Two bright pink, strong lines appeared. They weren’t event feint; they were ‘definitely pregnant’ lines! I rang Matt immediately and told him. In hindsight I wish I had waited and told him face to face as I missed seeing his priceless reaction, but quite frankly I was shocked and overwhelmed, and needed him to calm me down!

Over the remainder of the week I did take a few more tests, including an expensive, more fancy Clearblue one that told me I was 3 + weeks.

My first pregnancy symptoms were some of the loveliest; acne on my chin and jaw line and terrible bloating! Charming. My appetite also went through the roof, I’ve always been an active person (cycling, CrossFit, running, 3 times a day dog walking) so have always had a healthy appetite and a strong body, at first I could keep the eating in check with an increase in my usual healthy-ish foods, but when the nausea kicked in at about 6-7 weeks I completely ate all the wrong things… mostly mini cheddars…

Also in my 6th week I made an appointment with my GP and told him I was pregnant. Unfortunately my GP was completely uninterested in my news and wanted to chat to me about a bike trip he had planned to the Alps (he knew I cycled) so I left kind of feeling it was a waste of time. He didn’t even do a urine test! Anyway he referred me to the community midwife and sent me on my way.

At 9 weeks, my husband paid for us to have an early private scan so we could feel assured that things were going the right way. Most of my symptoms had gone by this point (no more sickness, no exhaustion ect) and we have a LOT of twins in both of our families (I’m a twin myself) so I was curious to see if we would. The scan revealed just one baby, and the wonderful sonographer assured me that everything looked well for our stage of pregnancy. Much relief from me.

The next big milestone was my booking in appointment with my midwife Keri which is basically a lot of questions, blood test, weight, height, and providing of a urine sample. The only drama for me here was the blood test, I have teeny tiny veins and the midwife, two nurses and a healthcare assistant all failed to draw any blood from me. I had to be referred to the phlebotomist at my local hospital. I’m hoping this improves, I know as pregnancy progresses your blood volume levels increase, so fingers crossed blood tests get easier in the future. That or I’ll spend the next 6 months looking like a pin cushion.

After the first midwife appointment I received my booking letter for our first scan, known as the dating scan. Ours was on February 22 and I’m pleased to say everything looked well. The first scan is a dating scan so you will be given an accurate due date, (mine’s 3rd September) and the sonographer will confirm the baby’s anatomy and measure baby’s size. I can’t really describe the feeling of seeing the baby on the screen, ours was being very cute and playful, it even waved its little arm! It looked so much more baby like than the scan I had had at 9 weeks, it’s staggering how much the little thing had developed in just 3 weeks!

That’s about it so far. I also want to say I have been able to continue my exercising, I’ve had to scale back my CrossFit weights and I do seem to get out of breath more quickly at the moment which sometimes makes cycling uphill a struggle, but I do things at a steadier pace now.
I will leave with saying my jeans are getting tight… but I do think I’ve had it pretty easy so far.

Please leave any comments below about your pregnancy journeys so far and if I have any other September babies joining me please do let me know.

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Eek first time posting on RMF!

I’m currently 9 weeks. All going well apart from feeling rotten all morning and needing to go to bed at 9pm.

The main thing I’m finding difficult is keeping this massive secret from my family and friends (we’ve agreed to wait until first scan).

Also, being a *bit* of an overplanner, it’s a struggle to rein myself in from choosing/buying nursery, prams, etc.


Hi Sarah, yep I completely sympathise, it’s like the biggest / scariest / most exciting secret you’ve ever had and those first 12 weeks feel like the longest of your life. But I promise it’s well worth the wait and it will (eventually!) come around because telling friends and family is priceless. A very special moment. Good luck with your next few weeks. Alice x


Congratulations Alice 🙂

I’m 9 1/2 weeks at the moment and just went for my booking appointment the other day and now eagerly awaiting my scan date.

I’d had high hopes of continuing all my workouts and healthy eating but morning (or rather all day) sickness has really been hitting me hard, and my energy levels have been at an all time low – if I don’t have at least one nap during the day I fall asleep in front of the TV by 7pm. So I’m doing what I can when I feel up to it which is often just some yoga or a walk outside.

I’d just started a part time job working in a busy cafe when I found out and have had to quit as i couldn’t be throwing up at work around customers 🙁

We weren’t going to tell anyone until the first scan but we were staying with family the week we found out and I couldn’t hide the sickness etc so ended up telling my family and hubby’s parents – they were all over the moon and it was so nice to share the exciting news. Can’t wait to tell everyone else now!

Hubby is currently in research mode regarding prams and travel systems (I’m leaving him to the research to narrow it down to a few options to show me) and we’re going to go look at some this weekend – not to buy just yet but he likes to be organised and I’m excited it means we get to go look at baby stuff 🙂 Hoping to look at some maternity jeans too as my normal jeans have already got a bit uncomfortable around the waist (I find eating constantly helps me feel less sick!)!!


Congratulations everyone!

Lucy I’m in the same boat as you, snacking is the only thing that combats my nausea. If I don’t eat every 2 hours I feel terrible. Such a strange feeling.


Don’t worry ladies, I say if you’re body is asking for food then feed it. Its working overtime building that baby so you’re hungry for a reason. Eat!! Alice 🙂


Hi Lucy, thank you, and congratulations to you too. Oh the scan date letter is awesome as it definitely gives you a goal to focus on.

Yes, I pretty much ate little and often all day for the first 12 weeks too. I found savoury foods much easier to eat and quite frankly I figured if my body was asking for it and needed it so I didn’t deny anything – if I wanted chips for lunch I had them! I’m sorry you’re feeling sick all day, I did too but I’m pleased to say for me it didn’t last too long, maybe only a few weeks so I really hope you experience that too.

That’s such a shame about your job, but it may have been tough in a busy environment on your feet all day (I sit on my bum at a desk!) so perhaps it is a blessing in disguise.

I have found H&M Mama maternity jeans good so far – but I also have a pair of Topshop ones on order so I’ll let you know if they’re any good. 🙂

Matt and I resisted buying anything until about 16 weeks….but now I’m 23 weeks we have started shopping more!

Good luck and best wishes, Alice x


Congratulations! ? I love that mini cheddar helped you feel better! ?

I think I’m about 6 ish weeks but not entirely sure! I miscarried 2 months ago and have fallen pregnant again without a period In between so not exactly sure on dates. Not getting excited yet, in fact just feeling really nervous. I like the idea of an early scan just to check everything is ok this time, not wanting to ask a silly question but how did you go about booking yours??
I went to the doctor and they didn’t seem that bothered, just pointed me in the direction of the midwife, and I have my booking in appointment in 2 weeks time.

Can’t wait til we get to the feeling excited part, keeping all our fingers and toes crossed

Ellie xx


Hi Ellie

I hope Alice doesn’t mind me butting in! We went for a private scan when we found out about our new pregnancy as I was feeling very apprehensive about everything after our miscarriage. I literally googled ‘early pregnancy scan’ and had a few results come up with private clinics in my area (if you’ve got location services on Google should find ones closest to you). Best of luck with e writhing xx


Oh Ellie, best of luck. It seems like you’ve had a bit of a time of it, so I’m keeping everything crossed for you, and it is perfectly normal for you to feel nervous. We did the same as Becky, just googled it. We live in the South West and I used but definitely a quick google and I’m sure you’ll find one in your area. They can be costly sadly but if it is right for you it certainly helps for piece of mind. Alice xx


Hi Alice! Firstly huge congratulations and welcome to the crazy club that is parenthood – hope your pregnancy goes smoothly! Reading your post was like reading a recap of my early pregnancy days, from the half-arsed baby-trying which happened straight away, to the private scan at 9 weeks because I had no symptoms, the healthy diet being shunned in favour of pizza and ice cream (I NEEDED carbs). Other than a few bouts of exhaustion (I actually fell asleep on my desk at work and one of my colleagues took a pic and emailed it round – this was before anyone knew I was pregnant and he did feel really bad when he found out!) and the bits of nausea and wooziness, I found pregnancy a breeze. I kept on exercising right up til about 36 weeks in the gym and yoga til 32 weeks, which I’m sure helped the labour and birthing process. My boy is now nearly 18 months and we’re thinking it’s time to try for number two…


Hi Amy, thank you. Things are going well so far (I’ll actually be 23 weeks on Saturday) and all seems to be progressing normally. I had a silly moment the other day exercising when I got too hot and came over all sick and faint but it was my fault completely for doing too much, and a welcome reminder not to push it. I’m glad I’m not the only one with a funny first 12 weeks, hunger, nausea, eating all the carbs, then nothing! Oh and I fell asleep at work too – thankfully on the canteen sofa at lunch but it was on more than one occasion! 😀 I’m glad you found pregnancy a breeze, I’m hoping that carries on for me too.

How lovely you’re thinking of number 2….keep us posted 🙂 Alice x


Congratulations Claire!! I’m actually due on the 4th September so really exciting to hear of someone at exactly the same stage.

I also had an early scan as I have had previous surgery which I knew would put me at higher risk. However, I’m really glad I did, it not only helped me relax a little but also found what is called a ‘sub-chorionic bleed’ which apparently is very common. I was then put on progesterone to help and by the time I had my 12 weeks scan, it had completely gone. Without that, this pregnancy could have been very different, so really glad I got it checked! I went privately but was told that if you have a previous miscarriage you can have one on the NHS by calling the maternity ward at your hospital.

Well done on the fitness front, all my energy has completely gone and I get out of breath so easily it’s crazy. Instead I am enjoying a little baby moon in the sun this week!

Look forward to hearing how the rest of your pregnancy goes,

Sarah xx


Hi Sarah, congratulations 🙂

Oh what a lovely thing to be on a baby moon! We’ve actually just got back from California (which I’ll be writing about for RMF soon) it was lovely to sun the bump.

Glad I have another September baby joining me – it should be the perfect month to be born, it’s always sunny in September right?!

I’m sorry you had to go through that early scare before, but so glad to hear things are all going well now. Best of luck 🙂 Alice x


Congratulations! I also found that eating little and regularly (and bland carbs!) was the only thing that helped against the nausea/sickness – which I had almost consistently from 6 to 22 weeks. Fun!

We also booked an early scan as I was 8 weeks on Christmas and it would have been impossible to hide as we we were hosting! I just contacted the clinic directly via email – we used the Portland Hospital in London and I would definitely recommend them (!

And I definitely sympathise with the teeny veins, mine are a nightmare and due to an underfunctioning thyroid , I’ve had bloodtests throughout – and always with several attempts to find a vein. For a few weeks, my arms looked constantly bruised 🙂


Thank you Maike, yes carbs ruled in the early days. I figured my body wanted it for a reason and salad just did not cut it!!

Did the veins thing sort it self out for you? I haven’t had any more blood tests since, so I don’t know if it would still be a problem or not? Alice


I’m afraid mine haven’t! Luckily, I only have three more bloodtests coming up before I’m due but my veins are still atrocious. They now always book me in at the surgery for them as one of their nurses tends to get them fairly quickly (usually by the second/third attempt). My midwife gave up after trying five times one day – she felt worse than I did.

Good luck for the remainder of your pregnancy 🙂


Congratulations Alice!
I’m coming up 13 weeks Saturday and had my dating scan Tuesday. Everything was great and we are due early Nov though I’ll be earlier as will be my 3rd c section.
I’ve had a totally different pregnancy to my previous ones and have had horrible nausea and sickness which I didn’t have at all previously! Lowest point throwing up in a bin at playgroup as I couldn’t make the loo – Awful!! I’ve found salt and vinegar crisps to be good, bananas and I hate to admit it but Diet Coke on the really horrendous days. I’m hoping it’s going to go away soon but I’m so grateful to be pregnant I am very much grinning and bearing it for now.
Seraphine do lovely maternity clothes and I’ve found topshop jeans fab previously. I’m still in my normal stuff for now but don’t think it will be much longer! 3rd time round I already look as pregnant as I did at 28 weeks first and second times I blame the crisps entirely for it!!

Happy and healthy pregnancies to you all xx


Congratulations Alice! Loving the diary! I’m almost 10 weeks and the morning sickness is grim. I’ll be fine ( just a bit peaky!) for a few days and then can’t keep anythin down for a few days. This is my second and I don’t remember it being that bad last time round! Bring on the second trimester!


Congratulations Alice, it’s great to see someone at a similar stage to me writing on RMF! I am coming up to 17 weeks and I am sorry to say I still have nausea. I have had a fairly good week thinking it was gradually going but the last couple of days it has crept back a little! I am obviously one of the unlucky few as most friends told me it would pass by the 14th week! We also got pregnant very quickly and although we were “trying” it came as a big surprise one Sunday when we just decided almost in a childlike way to take a pregnancy test for fun! I totally wasn’t expecting to see those 2 lines! It took a little while to sink in 🙂 We are off on a babymoon on Saturday so I am hoping the nausea packs it in so I can begin to feel the 2nd trimester glory that everyone talks about!!
For those feeling sic, my top tips – eat little and often (eat before morning shower and before bed), drink ginger herbal tea (I use Twinings), get fresh air everyday (open the windows now it’s a little warmer!) 🙂
Good luck to all you bumps out there! xx

Annalise Brain
22nd June 2017 12:13 pm

Hi Alice I am in my 6th week of pregnancy, i discovered from a home test at 4 weeks that i was pregnant. I am over the moon but the constant nausea is so tiring. i am an avid exercise person, doing bootcamp and crossfit up to 5-6 times a week. But as the nausea is so bad all day long i am finding it so hard to build up the energy to get to a class. I have just discovered that eating something in bed before actually getting up is helping my early morning nausea. i wondered if you or any other lovely expectant moms had any tips for me! Also do you exclude any exercise positions in particular?


Congratulations everyone! I’m 5 weeks and 3 days pregnant now. I feel as though I’m kind of just winging it at the minute as nothing feels real (aside from feeling exhausted) as I’ve not had my first midwife appointment yet. My husband and I have been trying to concieve for 3 years and only after losing a lot of weight has it happened, however now I’m really panicing as it happened a few days after returning from Mexico. Zika is really playing on my mind! Althought I wasn’t ill over there, I did get bit and I’d never forgive myself if this causes problems. I’ll mention it to the midwife in 2 weeks but I’m also thinking of paying for an early scan. The date we’re thinking will make me 8 weeks and 6 days- would this be far enough along to confirm a healthy pregnancy? I’m trying to carry on with slimming world and exercise but I’ve gone from 4-5 times a week to 2 if im lucky because I’m so tired. I really don’t want the weight to pile back on early and be at risk of gestational diabetes 🙁


I kept on exercising right up til about 36 weeks in the gym and yoga til 32 weeks, which I’m sure helped the labour and birthing process. My boy is now nearly 18 months and we’re thinking it’s time to try for number two…


Wow, congrats Alice! For those who is expecting a baby my friend has created a checklist of things to buy, check it out 🙂


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