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Christmassy Books For Kids

Lyra is the world’s biggest bookworm. When we’re doing a food shop I can’t walk past the book section without losing her to the latest Julia Donaldson. We’ve been known to spend whole days in the library. Whenever anyone in my family asks for ideas of presents for her, the answer is invariably “A book please!”. I can only hope that Jenson’s the same. He likes to eat books at the moment. I’m taking that as a good sign.

Most of the books below are Christmassy reads that already adorn Lyra’s bookshelves. The only exception being Mog’s Christmas, which she’s going to find tucked into her stocking come Christmas day.

The Jolly Christmas Postman (Janet & Allan Ahlberg)

I collected books when I was little and kept hold of my favourites to pass on to my kids. This is one of those favourites, so the spine’s a bit bendy and the pages slightly faded, but Lyra loves it nonetheless.

It’s all about The Jolly Postman’s journey to deliver goodies to various fairytale characters on Christmas Eve. The best thing about it are the miniature puzzles, letters and cards which you can pull out of the envelopes in the book and are mini works of art/sources of entertainment in themselves. I treasured this book and its little inserts so much that even Humpty Dumpty’s jigsaw and all of the jigsaw pieces are still fully intact. Lyra spends AGES poring over each and every minute detail.

Mog’s Christmas (Judith Kerr)

Not to be confused with Meg and Mog, another of my childhood favourites, I’ve been meaning to jump on the Mog bandwagon for a while. Lyra adores The Crocodile Under The Bed and The Tiger That Came To Tea, also by Judith Kerr, (anyone else think the tiger is a metaphor for the Gestapo?!) and our cat Millie is a huge part of her life, so I think Mog’s Christmas will be a hit when Lyra reads it.

Snow Day (Richard Curtis)

I first spotted this book on one of those whole-days-spent-in-the-library and it was the illustrations that caught my eye. They’re drawn by my favourite illustrator of the moment, and possibly all time, Rebecca Cobb. (I’ve been a fangirl ever since Paper Dolls and I reckon she gives Quentin Blake a run for his money). Lyra liked Snow Day so much that I’ve since treated her to her own copy.

It’s the heartwarming tale of Danny, the worst student in the school, and Mr Trapper, the strictest teacher in the school, and what happens when they’re both stuck at school together on a Snow Day.

The Empty Stocking (Richard Curtis)

Another one illustrated by Rebecca Cobb (I wasn’t kidding when I said I was a fangirl), and again she’s teamed up with the same author of Snow Day. Yes, the Richard Curtis that wrote the ultimate Christmas film Love Actually.

Lyra was initially wary of this book as some of the pages are pretty wordy (she’s three and a half so it’s possibly better suited to slightly older kids), however the story and gorgeous illustrations soon pulled her in.

Are your kids bookworms too? What are your and your kids’ favourite Christmas books?

Anyone else in Rebecca Cobb’s fan club?

P.S. If you’re a bookworm then you may want to hop over to Rock My Style today where I’m chatting about Christmas presents for book lovers.

The loves of Lisa’s life are Rich and their kids, Lyra and Jenson. Although she does wish they would let her have a shower in peace every once in a while.

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Oh Rebecca Cobb, I adore her. Same as you, it’s been since the Paper Dolls and Everywhere Bear was an absolute joy.

I’ve just bought E a little bundle of festive books, but I may need to add these too x


Her illustrations are just beautiful!

Which books have you treated E to Karen? x


It’s actually just one of those collections from the Book People which usually contain a couple of gems called ‘The Christmas Wishes’ – I’ll report back when it arrives!

One tradition that began last year, is to read ‘Twas The Night Before Christmas at bedtime on Christmas Eve – it’s a must for any little one’s festive bookcase.

I’m getting blank faces from her at the moment whenever I mention Santa or Christmas, so I’m determined to build the hype ASAP!! xx


Yey please do Karen! I’m sure we first discovered Paper Dolls in one of those book sets x


We have just got the pile of Christmas books out the loft ready to start reading and I love how excited the girls get. The Jolly Christmas postman is a definite favourite. Last night Molly chose One Snowy Night by Nick Butterworth which isn.t Christmas as much as winter but is just beautiful ( On Christmas Eve we sit down to read The Night Before Christmas and Edd bought this stunning pop up version for the girls a few years ago. ( Oh and I feel Jenson needs to find this book under the tree. Not at all Christmassy but very relevant – The Incredible Book Eating Boy (! xxx


Brilliant shouts Lottie, thank you! Especially this Incredible Book Eating Boy, that did make me chuckle, it’s perfect for him 😂


Agreed on all of your choices, Lottie. The pop-up NIght Before Christmas is my daughter’s complete favourite. We got it out of the loft last week (along with lots of other festive things as we are going to see Nativity the Musical on Saturday) For the first time she was allowed to turn the pages as it is so beautiful and we all treasure it so much. It is a new family heirloom for us. And yes, always Percy the Park Keeper!


Ooh great post, especially since I’m planning to work on Fern’s Amazon wish list today as she too is an avid bookworm and that’s what I’ve replied when all the relatives have asked what to get her.

A great one to add to your list is “Happy Christmas Tucker” which is a true family favourite here – I bought it for my older niece 10 years ago and it had been well loved by her and her little sister. So much so they bought Fern her own copy last year. It’s oddball and charming. A must for younger readers.

Another book I always recommend is Fern’s all time No.1 favourite. Not strictly Christmas but snowy and wintry and seasonal all the same, One Bear Lost is the cosiest bedtime story ever. At aged two, Fern can recite the entire book from cover to cover, so loved it is.

Can’t wait to check out your recommendations!


Both of these look fab, thank you Philippa! I particularly like the sound of the oddball one, ha ha x

Emily Atkinson
9th November 2017 7:11 am

The illustrated Polar Express is also dreamy… so many great Christmas books!!!


Ooh great, thank you! Does the film live up to the book? X


Love this post Lis! Definitely investing in most of your recs. and I’ll certianly be heading over to RMS for grown up treats xx


Aim the ones you guys have bought for Lyra are always firm favourites x


Loving this!! We are bookworms here too, and cat loving S adores Mog and her mishaps. Mog at Christmas is one of the few I’m not sick of as it stays in the cupboard most of the year to come out now! We haven’t done Jolly Postman yet as I was worried it would get torn etc but I think she is old enough so will see if I can nab a copy. We love One Snowy Night too, eying up some more Percy books.

I’m a big fan of Helen Stephens (How to Hide a Lion, Fleabag) and she has done a penguin centred book called The Night Iceberg and is doing a Christmas one out soon!

In an aside, Pads too only wants to eat books and doesn’t listen to S’s stories and I’m sure at his age she was having multiple stories a day even if they were really short That’s Not My or whatever- worried I’m killing his reading interest by not mixing up who gets read to enough. Oh mum of two feels. Looks so daft written down, very real worry.


Oh my goodness, I forgot good old Raymond Briggs! Grumpy Father Christmas rules.

And The Mousehole Cat is a new tradition for our half Cornish household – to be read on Tom Bawcock’s Eve, the 23rd. It’s lovely.


Very similar situation with Jenson. He’s just not interested in a bedtime story ☹️

SO many great recommendations though, thank you. (Maybe we should set up a Rock My Book Swap) x


I discovered Helen Stephen’s yesterday with “Oliver Elephant” – think it must be the Christmas one you mentioned…it’s gorgeous! Going to look up those others you mentioned by her now 🙂

I’m starting to think book-eating is a classic sibling number two behaviour!! My youngest is exactly the same and you’ve worded my exact same worry perfectly! Not daft at all xx


Oh this is so timely. I was reading Felix the tiger who came to tea (my copy from childhood!) and was thinking I needed some Christmassy books!
Off to the local bookshop for me tomorrow (and local phone repair shop 🙁)


There’s something so lovely about reading your kids a book from your own childhood! Enjoy a good browse (and phone fix) x


Not Christmas books but we are loving the Usborne See In Side / Lift the flap books at the moment.
This one has been a big hit and she’s got another going in her stocking for Christmas.

P also loves Mog so may have to find that one Lisa.

Charlie Crow in the Snow is a lovely wintery read too.


Ooh that See Inside book looks great. I love the Usborne books and just dug these out of the loft for Jenson:

Thanks Lou xx


Perfectly timed as always – just trying to buy the last few books for my daughter’s book advent calendar! Have been collecting throughout the year, just a few more to go…
Some I have ordered but yet to arrive, so hope they’re as good as they look! Not all Christmas, some Winter themed but the illustrations look beautiful. Definitely going to look up Rebecca Cobb on your recommendation!

The Winter Fox –

A Dot in the Snow –

The Snowy Day –

Oliver Elephant –

Usborne also have some beautiful sticker books in their “My first” series which are fab for toddlers. I’ve bought “Dress the teddy bears for Christmas” but there are others too –

PS I also have a toddler bookworm and a baby book-eater!! Xx


Ahhh Stephie your lucky daughter! Love the look of A Dot in the Snow in particular x


That’s my fave too! Hopefully daughter will think so too.

Found most in charity shops/sale throughout the year, just having to splash out now on a few particularly special ones at full-price to complete the set of 24.

Although, I’m already worrying about how she’ll feel packing them away again for next year!!


I absolutely love the idea of a book advent calendar – how does this work please (i need to visualise it…!)


Type it into Pinterest for dreamy visualisation!

Essentially just 24 wrapped books with numbers on and open one each day 🙂 Our first year of doing it (daughter is almost 3) so am hoping it goes well and we can make it a tradition each year, re-using most books again and just swapping a few in and out as they’re outgrown.

If you’re not keen on all that wrapping (I love wrapping but uneasy about the wastefulness?!) …another way to do it would be to use a refillable advent calendar and add notes with the name of the book to bring out each day 🙂


Love a Christmas book recommendation, thank you!! Some lovely ideas. I don’t have any to add I’m afraid as I haven’t brought ours out yet and I can’t for the life of me remember what they are called (just that I need to delay bringing them out because there was one we could recite by memory about 2 days after receiving it last year, aargh!!). We also read Twas The Night Before Christmas on Christmas Eve, my husband’s family tradition and one we uphold no matter where we are…


Haha! It must have been read several hundred times!

Sounds like we need a copy of The Night Before Christmas, what a lovely tradition x


Shirley Hughes gets my vote for lovely Christmas stories – my little girl already has Alfie’s Christmas ( in her collection, and will be getting Lucy and Tom at Christmas ( in her Christmas Eve box!! They’re such lovely stories about lots of different Christmas activities.

She also has Santa is Coming to Leicester ( – we saw it when Christmas shopping before her first Christmas, and said we would buy it if it mentioned our village – and it does!!! That one will actually be staying in the loft this year though, as we’ll be at my parents’ house in Wales!!


Ahhh another of my childhood faves. I think these need to go in Lyra’s Christmas Eve box too.

And she has Santa is coming to Birmingham too! I love the way it mentions some of the landmarks and suburbs x


Alison Jay who does wonderful illustrations has a 12 days of Christmas book I’d recommend for 2-3 year olds. We were still reading it mid July.
Will check out the other recommendations. I find a lot of the top sellers (dinosaur that pooped Christmas etc) too naff. Traditional all the way!


Just googled Alison Jay…her pics look beautiful. Thanks for the tip!


Interestingly, It has been said that The Tiger Who Came To Tea is subconsciously based on Nazi behaviour!


I always wondered if there was a subtext and when I found out Judith Kerr grew up in Nazi Germany it all made sense!


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