5 Minute Christmas Crackers

I’m entering a whole new realm today. I’m completely stepping on the lovely Lottie’s toes and talking about crafts. (Sorry about that Lottie. I promise no one can ever steal your Craft Queen crown). And specifically, handmade Christmas crackers.

I love the Meri Meri crackers and spotted them in a gift shop recently, but was reluctant to spend over forty quid on just crackers! (We are going to be hosting Christmas dinner for seven people and two little people so I would’ve needed two boxes). So I decided to make my own. Here’s how you can too.

What You Will Need

The brilliant thing about these crackers is that you probably already own everything you need to make them:

White paper (I just used ordinary A4 printer paper)
Empty loo rolls*
Cracker snaps
Black pen

*I only had four empty loo rolls and wanted to make five crackers, so our bathroom currently looks like the Andrex puppy has had a field day in there.

Step 1

Decorate your paper. For the top cracker in the header image above I drew black lines across an A4 piece of paper to create a grid pattern, and for the bottom cracker I used plain kraft paper. And for the rest I downloaded some printable wrapping paper. I found the geometric Christmas tree printable on Homey Oh My (another fab blog and insta for you to follow…you’re welcome). And here’s the link for the brush-painted Christmas tree and Fa La La printables.

I’m SO going to print off some more sheets to use as gift wrap as well as for crackers. (It’s also handy to know that you can print off wrapping paper if you’re caught short and have a teeny prezzie to wrap last minute).

Step 2

Line up your loo roll along the edge of the paper. At this point I would have threaded a cracker snap through the loo roll if I’d been organised and bought some!

Step 3

Attach the loo roll to the A4 paper using sellotape.

Step 4

Roll the paper around the loo roll and secure the end with another bit of sellotape.

Step 5

Create one of the twisty ‘tails’ of the cracker by carefully holding the edges of the loo roll and twisting the loose bit of paper in the opposite direction. Pop in a paper hat, a joke, and a little gift, and then twist the other end to create the other ‘tail’.

Step 6

Wrap a little bit of twine or ribbon around each end to make it look pretty. And then enjoy!

The beauty of these crackers is that they’re super easy and you can spend as much or as little time on them as you like. You can keep the designs simple, or you can go to town decorating the A4 paper. I’m thinking of making some more with Lyra and I reckon some hand drawn stars and maybe some potato-stamp penguins would look cute.

And if you want to make the super stylish version then pop over to Rock My Style today.

Are you going to be indulging in any Christmas crafts with your littles over the festive period?


The loves of Lisa’s life are Rich and their kids, Lyra and Jenson. Although she does wish they would let her have a shower in peace every once in a while.

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[…] you’re pushed for time, then head over to Rock My Family where I’m talking about dead easy, super quick, but still super-stylish Christmas crackers. I’m now torn because I’m not sure which ones to use! The RMF ones will definitely fit in […]


LOVE LOVE LOVE!!! I am going to get on cracker duty this year even though I’m not hosting and reckon that maybe these simple version may go better with my sisters new kitchen than the RMS ones. But then again I do love Rifle Paper too. xxx p.s. Quite happy for you to go for the crafty crown with ideas like these 🙂


Lottie, how much fun is craft?!

Happy Birthday to Molly xx


Hahaha! Was wondering why there was a big pile
of loo roll on the floor in the bathroom on Friday 😂 they look wonderful. Was thinking you could even add a surprise non novelty gift for a relative in there as a special token…like a bracelet or neckalace…Lisa Angela do some gorgeous cheap-ish ones and they offer persoanlaisation. Only thing is you’d need to make sure the recipient “won” the cracker pull, and the gift didn’t fly out and end up in the cranberry sauce! X


Ha Aim…I bet you thought one of the kids was responsible. Will be checking out Lisa Angela! X


These are so cool Lisa! We’re hosting a pre Christmas/leaving dinner for 13 on the 19th so I think I’ll do some for that as Christmas crafts with J. Potato prints for the win! The big question is will we get through 13 loo rolls before then?! ;D I might have to source alternative tubing!


Wow Emma, I thought nine people was a lot! The crackers will be the easy bit 🙂

You can always use kitchen roll tubes as well x

Samantha Lawtie
21st November 2017 9:52 am

Love this! I’m going to pinch this idea for my Christmas craft class. So pretty xx


Aww glad you like! Enjoy xx


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