Happy Father’s Day

Lottie Manns

I know I am all too guilty of taking Edd for granted, of the amount he does for the girls. He may not be here cooking their tea or making sure their never ending mountain of washing is done. He might not always be here at bedtime or for the school run. He might not be the one dealing with the tears, tantrums and illnesses but that is because he is the one working all hours to make sure we have a great life as a family.

He is the most amazing Dad. He would do anything for the girls. I know he misses out on so much and I’m pretty sure he hates that fact as much as I do. I don’t know anyone else who loves going to the park as much as their kids do or who has the endless energy for fun and games that he does. The excitement when Daddy comes home is catching and I adore watching their little faces light up as he walks through the door.

Edd will always have time for tickles and cuddles, for stories and movie nights. He will also take the time to teach them things. About flowers and wildlife or how to do their math’s homework, imparting his knowledge and his infectious love of all things nature. He has endless patience with them, something I don’t always have, and spends hours building lego (possibly for his own pleasure!) or playing guess who.

The Dad’s don’t always get the mentions on Rock My Family but they do an amazing job and even if we don’t show it enough we really do appreciate it. So today’s little post is to celebrate all the Dad’s out there. The one’s without whom we couldn’t do this, who love endlessly, play tirelessly and support without question.

Happy Father’s Day.



Lottie loves teaching her girls to be cake baking and crafting supremos. It may be messy but she wouldn’t have it any other way.
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