New Year. New Healthy Mindset

I don’t want to bore you with New Years resolutions. I don’t make them. I don’t even like to refer to them as goals or targets mainly as I get disheartened if I haven’t achieved what I set out to do. Instead this year I am focussing on being happy and healthy by making small changes that will hopefully have both a physical and emotional impact. For me it’s not just about loosing weight or getting fit (although you will see those make an appearance) but it’s more about looking after myself and if you read our guest post last week you will know that your own emotional wellbeing is just as important as all the healthy eating. After all, it’s easy to forget to look after yourself when you are busy looking after little ones.

There are numerous things I’d like to concentrate on this year but given it’s a big focus for so many people I thought I’d chat today about a healthy attitude. For me if I can master these elements then hopefully I’ll be feeling fit and strong and everything else will fall in to place.


Without going all airy fairy on you I’m a big believer in the power of positive thinking. I’m known to be a super happy person but I got a bit lost towards the end of last year and I’m determined to bring it back in 2018. If you can keep positive and cheery, even when things get tough, then life becomes a whole lot easier and I promise you will also see more positive things coming your way. After all, like attracts like.

More Z’s

I often find I’m not drifting off to sleep until well past 11 o’clock. I’m aware I’m lucky as both my girls are at an age where they sleep through the night but I still need a lot of sleep. The other night I went to bed at 8 o’clock and awoke the next day brimming with energy. Now that isn’t going to always be possible but I’m thinking that aiming to have lights out by 10 is at least a start. If your little’s are still waking in the night then if you can get to bed earlier do as any hours sleep before they wake will make the world of difference to how you feel.

Get Moving

I’m pretty good with my exercise and aim to try and do something three to four times a week. However, over December this has been more like, um, no times a week. I want to get back in to a routine and also vary things up a bit as I figure I won’t get bored this way. I have never necessarily enjoyed exercise per se but this year I’m aiming to try and change that and see it as some me time. I need quick workouts or things I can fit in easily. Since having Molly six years ago I have had to change from my old gym routine. It wasn’t possible to get there and with Edd away most of the week I couldn’t even head out for a run so DVD’s became my new best friends. I’d stick Molly in her bouncer and get working out. As they got older it would be whilst they were playing or having a post dinner CBeebies binge. I prefer a quick workout as I still don’t have have the time (or inclination) for an hours exercise so I’m all about short sharp results.

I have always been a big fan of Davina and am planning on purchasing her new workout DVD, Toned in Ten, which looks great. For new mums I think her Fit in 15 is a good low pace workout and you only need 15 mins to fit one in and her Five Week Fit DVD has a series of 7 minute workouts that you can tag together as needed.

Charlotte also got me in to Tracy Anderson dance DVDs and I’m pleasantly surprised at how much I have enjoyed it. I am not in the least bit co-ordinated so a dance workout seemed like a hellish option for me but I have her beginners DVD and after a few goes I got the hang of it.

I also got the Body Coach Lean in 15 HIT workout DVD for Christmas which I am loving. I’ve already done a few over the festive period and the quick 15 minute workouts really do leave you feeing like you have done something.

Yoga used to be a regular part of my day but it fell by the wayside years ago. I have been trying some videos on You Tube and particularly like Yoga with Adrienne and am hoping to do that once a week.

Finally, now the girls are at school I am trying to get out running more again and I go straight after drop off so there is no excuse or distractions. I can’t say I’m a huge fan but the fresh air does wonders for your head and I just plod along. I don’t try to run further or faster, nor am I training for a race, but instead I go on my little loop around the village and know that I can get home and on with my day.

And for all of you that are pregnant Charlotte will be doing a pregnancy exercise post very soon.

Banish Those Colds

This has been the first year in a long time that I feel I have had a continual cold all winter. I’ve generally felt under the weather, bunged up and lacking in energy which is no good when you have two little one’s to look after. I’m hoping that these combined with some extra fruit and veg should go someway towards getting my immune system under control and I’m planning on getting back in to regularly taking my echinacea tablets. Does anyone have any supplements they take to ward off the bugs?

Planning Meals Ahead

Yes I want to eat healthier/eat less chocolate/less carbs/less mice pies but doesn’t everyone? I’d like to loose a bit of weight but I’ve decided I’m not going to weigh myself as that only leads to me feeling disheartened and when you have little ones in tow it is even harder not to reach for the treats. Instead I am going to carry on with an overall healthy approach to food but not beat myself up if I have the odd treat. Everything in moderation and all that. In a bid to make sure my meals are healthy I’m aiming to plan ahead and cook as much as I can. I had a brief stint doing this last year and it was brilliant. I sat down at the weekend and worked out meals for the week and then hit the supermarket only buying the ingredients for those. Aside from sticking to plan and having good meals I also reduced my shopping bill. Winner. I’m planning on making big vegetable chills, dahls and casseroles that I can eat on consecutive nights. For lots of yummy ideas have a peek at our favourite recipes post on Rock My Style and winter warmers and one handed meals here on Rock My Family. I need some healthy snack ideas so would welcome your suggestions please.

Hopefully trying to keep to this healthy mindset will help me feel tip top this year. Has anyone else planned any health changes? Or are you all about resolutions and goals?

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These sound like excellent plans! We’re in a bit of a meal rut due in part to trying to eat meals as a family with our two year old at least half a week and also in part because I am pregnant and the food aversions haven’t completely gone away.

I did consider doing Hello Fresh but it seems like a lot of expense when we’re good at cooking, we just need some inspiration. So if anyone has any website recommendations for interesting easy family recipes that would be great! We have the Jamie superfood family cookbook and I make things from that a lot but again, I get stuck in a rut!

Happy new year!


I love Jamie superfood book but I too seem to only cook the same recipes over and over. Generally veg chilli, dahl and the fish pie. Really must mix things up! x


Oh the meal rut! I have tried hello fresh a couple of times and it’s really good for trying different things and we now quite often recreate the dishes. It’s dedinitely not cheap but an easy way to get my husband to cook and exciting meal (his meal repertoire is even smaller than mine). We haven’t had a box from them in ages but I do use the app to snoop on their menus for inspiration. If you haven’t tried them yet their introductory offer is pretty good.


Is it worth trawling the library for ideas to copy? Photocopy or scrawl down from their supplies of cook books? Then you are supporting an important local resource as you explore.


I am so interested to hear if anyone else has recommendations for supplements! We’ve had coughs colds and lurgy for weeks now. There must be help out there! Loved your ideas, will definitely be incorporating a few of those into my new ‘back to work after maternity leave’ plan!


There must be a miracle supplement somewhere, I’m sure! x


Sounds basic but vitamin C and Zinc tablets are great for keeping away colds and coughs


I must remember to take my vitamin c. I think I have some lurking at the back of the cupboard… x


I absolutely swear by vitamin D3, in a high dose. I swear I barely get colds now and even when I do they’re not as heavy as they used to be and I shake them more quickly. I take Solgar –


Ordering this now! xx


I need to get back to planning my meals again – makes life so much easier and the takeaway temptation less strong. A few too many of those last year whilst we were waiting for the kitchen to be finished!

I’m with you on the healthier attitude – to food, to exercise, to parenting. And most definitely for looking after myself better. For me no resolutions this year, but I do have plans. I started writing them towards the end of last year and am now giving myself a little push to get on with putting them in motion.


Loving the healthier attitude to parenting. I’m getting on board with this too and I think maybe I need to start writing things down to keep me on track. Here’s to a happy and successful 2018 xx


Yes to all this! Now 6m pregnant with my second and my chocolate consumption has been appalling over the past few months. So I am on “operation healthy” for the next couple of months. Not that that means no chocolate, I am no saint, but I am trying to make healthier choices. I find Nigel Slater is an excellent source of food inspiration, quite often the recipes are reasonably healthy (stuffed peppers for us tonight for example) but delicious. His Food Diaries books are particularly good. We have always been meal planners, it makes such a difference to the weekly shopping costs and prevents too much food waste. Just need to think about some exercise too so will look forward to Charlotte’s post as my usual walking has fallen by the wayside over Christmas!


I’ve flirted with different New Year ideas in the past- some successful some not. Best one so far was my 2013 goal of learn to run- it was hard but so worth it and the benefits are massive for my physical and mental health.

Last year I chose a focus word for the year- it was embrace, as I wanted to warmly welcome change and appreciate my life more.

This year I think the word will be finish. Finish the barn. Finish a tangled skein of writing projects before starting new ones. Going with it is some more discipline about buying and having “stuff” and trying to read at least 50 books I haven’t read this year. Self care self denial and sort your shit out! That’s what resolutions do right???!


I love this idea of a word for the year. Such a great idea. xxx


I am trying to set smaller more manageable goals, and, I’m going to say it, more measureable. So instead of saying I’m going to put my iPad down and read more, I’m going to finish ‘A year living Danishly’ in January, which I put down more than a year ago despite enjoying it. I’m also cutting out alcohol midweek for January, and sugary treats possibly for the entire month (I’ve done lent a few times), or maybe just have one quality item at the weekend. I’ve gradually lost weight with WW since 2014, got to 50lb in April but have put about 21lb back on so I need to get that off this year!


Oh well, great reminder to get a move one! I’m currently 30 weeks pregnant with my second one and promised myself I’d do more exercise this time around! I did buy the Tracy Anderson 9-month-box and love it, but just don’t do it regularly. I also “needed” a lot of cake this time around as a quick energy fix with a toddler running around! However I am looking forward to the last 9-10 weeks of pregnancy since I am off work. I want to get back to exercising more because I know it’ll make me feel much better and give me more energy which is oh so important as I get bigger. Pregnancy yoga starts next Monday and I’ll try to stick to my dates with the DVD player ^^ I also absolutely second you on the positive mindset!


Cake is an essential I would say! Good luck with the rest of your pregnancy xxx


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