I like to think I am a bit of a pro at bathtimes. Over 4 years under my belt and 3 of those with two monkeys to get washed and changed means I’ve had a fair bit of experience. I actually don’t mind bathtime. Probably because I know it’s nearly bedtime if I’m being honest! My husband on the other hand seems to avoid it all costs. After talking to friends it seems a lot of men go out of their way to get out the nightly splashing. We’ve never figured out why!!

It is a lot easier now the girls are older as they only need supervising rather than the constant holding of teeny babies so I thought I might be useful to share my essentials for a successful baby bathtime.

What You Need

  • Baby Bath – It is most likely that you will need a baby bath for when they are tiny. We opted for the Hoppop Bato Baby Bath. I’m ashamed to say it’s because I liked the deep grey colour scheme and actually in retrospect it probably wasn’t needed. It was quite big but did have a handy plug at the bottom. In truth a standard basic baby bath will be fine and I know a lot of friends who had a lot of love for the blow up baby baths. Great for storage and easy to take on trips to family or holidays. This Shnuggle bath or Stokke bath also look fab.
  • Baby Bath Seat – These are great if you want to have a free hand when washing baby. When I had Alice I ended up just popping her straight in the big bath with Molly so this was a life saver. Be careful though as they can slip down a little bit if they are wriggling around. This Angel Care version has a nice mesh support or I just had a simple version like this.
  • Toddler Bath Seat – Once baby is sitting up you will be better off with a toddler seat that supports them as means they can have fun reaching and splashing without you having to hold them the whole time.
  • Bath Mat – A bath mat is essential once you start using the big bath as stops them slipping around. My girls constantly stand up and down too so it’s a definite safety feature. I also like these little dots versions as well.
  • Thermometer – I am ashamed to admit I didn’t buy one of these straight away and once plunged a tiny Molly in to what I thought was an ok temperature. Apparently my toasty warm baths are not appropriate for babies. We quickly bought this Philips Avent Thermometer which we could also use in her bedroom.
  • Bath Toys – Bath Toys are a great way to occupy the littles and mean that bath time becomes a fun time for them. My one pet hate with bath toys, especially the squirty variety, is the disgusting mould that seems to grow inside them and deposit gloopy black slime in to the bath with every squirt. It took me a while to work out what it was! I can’t recommend the Boon Bath toys enough. A bit more pricey but worth it for the lack of slime. The ducks are brilliant and such fun colours. We also had hours of fun with the net and bugs.
  • Toy Basket – You will need somewhere to store those toys unless you want them bobbing around you as you try to have a relaxing soak! Get a simple mesh bag or a more sturdy bucket style that can be moved away from the bath when needed.
  • Sponge – A natural sponge is the best thing for cleaning baby in the bath. So soft.
  • Cotton Wool – When baby is tiny keep a supply of cotton wool pads by the bath for cleaning all the little creases.
  • Toiletries – What toiletries you use, if any, is entirely up to you. I’ve used everything from Johnsons to expensive organic varieties. Alice has horrible eczema as a baby so I tried to be careful with what I used but I will be honest and say I didn’t see a vast difference. When she was a baby I liked a nice baby oil to apply afterwards but mostly used a good bottle of olive oil. The poor thing stank but it honestly is amazing for their skin.
  • Towels – There is nothing cuter than snuggling up your little one after a bath. Little hooded towels are the best as keeps their heads warm and allows you to wrap them up snug and warm. Opt for a multi pack or two as you will get through more than you think when they are little. I still buy them for the girls now and love the Skip Hop designs for the cute animal hoods and they are big enough to still wrap round a 4 and a bit year old Molly. I also heard good things about the cuddledry towels which leave you with your hands free.
    That’s my baby bathtime essentials. Any top tips of products to make it a bit easier?