Last year I lost the Christmas magic.

I’m not sure why this was but suddenly Christmas seemed like a chore, something to get out of the way rather than to look forward to. I felt overwhelmed and exhausted as well as a bit frumpy and fed up too. When I shared my feelings with the rest of the team, each of them admitted that they’d felt disillusioned with the festive period in 2015 for their own respective reasons.

But something has changed this year. ALL of us have embraced the festivities with open arms; we’re ridiculously excited and have been since the end of November…this might go some way in explaining the multiple Christmas inspired posts on Rock My Style and Rock My Family over the last few weeks. Sorry about that.

So why the shift in attitude? I honestly don’t know. Perhaps it’s because Hector is older, perhaps it’s because I’ve got a bit more sleep. Maybe it’s because Ste has decided to take a decent amount of time off for Christmas this year. Undoubtedly it’s a mixture of all three but I also think my organisation has a goodly part to play in this. The presents are all wrapped, bar a couple and we have a fair few activities and Christmas outings up our sleeves too. We’re Christmas ready!

So I thought I’d use today’s post to share some of the toddler friendly activities we’ll be getting up to for the rest of the month. I’d love to hear what you folks are also getting up to (read I might steal some of the ideas for myself…).

Botanical Gardens Magic Lantern Show

This coming weekend we’ll be taking a trip to the Magic Lantern show at Birmingham Botanical Gardens. I’ve heard lots of really good feedback from friends and family; RMS team member Lisa visited a couple of weeks ago and said it was even better than she expected. I’ve been frantically avoiding Facebook in case there are any spoilers; I want to be as surprised as Hector will be.

Santa & His Reindeer

My Grandad moved into a nursing home earlier this year which is literally just down the road from my mum’s house. We see him frequently – probably twice a week with Hector – with my mum and sisters visiting everyday and we’ve got to know some of the other residents too which is really nice. We found out recently that Father Christmas and his reindeer will be visiting on 21st so we’ll be taking him to say hello and sharing a mince pie or two with my Gramps.

Webbs Of Wychbold Ice-Rink

The ice rink at Webbs in Wychbold near Droitwich has had rave reviews from friends and family too. I knew about the Christmas ice rink last year but Hector was just far too small to really appreciate us taking him. I’m still in two minds as to whether I should take him this year but Ste is keen so no doubt we’ll end up going along and seeing how he takes to it…Hector that is not Ste. They have special skates for littles and the rink is open until 2nd January so this will give us something to look forward to in the Twixmas period.

Decorating The Christmas Tree

Ok so technically this isn’t a Christmas outing (although collecting the tree at the weekend which you might have seen if you follow me on Instagram was). We had the tree delivered on Tuesday so we’re waiting for it to dry out a little and will be decorating it a bit later today accompanied by some festive tunes, some Lebkuchen and probably a spot of reorganisation by Mummy when Hector goes for his nap 😉

Christmas Carols

Ste and I got engaged at Charlecote Park back in 2012 so it’s incredibly special to both of us, especially as I have so many fond memories of playing in the grounds as a child. We’ve yet to take Hector there but I think the Christmas Music event this coming weekend at the house might be a good time to introduce him to the place. That said we have a chock-a-block weekend ahead with the aforementioned Lantern Festival and an early meal booked for my little sister’s upcoming birthday as well as a festive brunch with my parents. Talk about packing it all in!

What are you lovelies up to? What have you got planned for your littles? And are there any amazing events in the Midlands that we need to attend? Why not share your thoughts in the comments box below…