As much as we would love this to be about what WE all want for Christmas it is about the presents we have chosen for our babies, toddlers and kids. It is always so hard to decide what to buy and importantly how much to spend. When they are little there are lots of lovely toys and gifts but they equally don’t really understand or need any of it. As they get older it is all about striking a balance between fulfilling the list to Father Christmas and not going overboard. I know I am certainly guilty of the latter despite my best intentions.

Between the team we have a range of age groups to buy for and so hopefully this should provide you with a bit of inspiration on the present front. We are focussing on the main presents we will be buying but I am sure there may be a few little extra’s creeping in to stockings on Christmas Eve.


With two girls we already seem to have acquired most of the usual larger presents over the last few years. There have been toy kitchens, trikes and a dolls house so this year I was struggling a bit on a main present to get them. As they don’t need anything big we have chosen to get each of the girls a couple of these Disney Princess sets from the Disney Store. Molly is obsessed with Disney and Alice only wants to play with what Molly has. Despite Edd’s dislike of all things princess/Barbie esq even he admitted they are really rather sweet and they will love all the little characters that come with them.

We have then chosen a few other little bits such as some Sylvanian Families and the cutest Maileg bunny and cradle for them each to satisfy my desire for something non Disney.


Mabel is going to be the lucky recipient of the Ikea Kitchen so that she can learn to cook mummy and daddy lots of yummy dinners!

She will also be having a Scuttlebug to scoot around on. These are fantastic. Super easy for toddlers to move about on and as a big bonus they fold up making storage easier or perfect for a trip out.


Lolly has decided not to buy Hector any Christmas presents this year given that he was thoroughly spoilt for his first birthday by friends and family only two months ago. Instead Lolly will be popping a bit of money into his savings account and perhaps purchasing a token book or a toot toot safari animal.


Little Anabelle will be thanking Santa for the lovely Dolls House from Asda. Quite possibly the best value dolls house we have come across. It is so well made and perfect for little girls. The furniture and dolls sets make the perfect addition or present for Grandparents to buy. Word of warning, last year this sold out before Christmas so get your skates on.

Elliott and Joseph will be getting a rather fancy Smart TV with 3D glasses between them. That is some seriously lucky little boys there. I hope they leave Santa an extra large glass of Sherry!


Leo is having four things for Christmas this year. The first is a chess set. He obviously wont have a clue how to play it but he really loved playing with the pieces on holiday this year and Anthony would like to teach him at some point when he’s a bit older.

There will also be Hungry Hippos. No explanation needed.

He is having some of these interactive dinosaurs from his Nana and Great Nannies. They are quite big toys and the idea is that when one moves another one reacts. He loves dinosaurs and he is forever making up stories about them so these will be great to further his imagination.

Finally he LOVES Disney’s Cars. He has a little lightning McQueen and this rally set will be a fun addition as he loves things that move fast or go round and round. And it’s a great price as well. It’s also something he can play with independently so that Becky can get some general housework done!


Fern is similar to Lolly when it comes to present buying. It’s Elle’s birthday on 12th Jan, as well as being her first Christmas, so goodness knows what crazy treats the family will be buying for her!

Fern is going with practical things that she needs – so an all-in-one weather proof suit for the childminders (pretty essential when the Cornish rain sets in). She also has a sneaky feeling that Elle is going to be walking over the Christmas period, so might get her first pair of shoes too – any recommendations would be appreciated!

So there you have it. Our gifts for our little and not so little children. What have you chosen to purchase as the main gift or are you like Lolly and Fern and leaving the present buying to friends and family?