We are only a few short days away the big Christmas extravaganza. I may be ever so slightly excited. Having young children just makes it all that more magical. Their little faces are full of excitement at every new experience. From putting the tree up to decorating the Christmas cake. And of course the all important visit to Santa. I love it all.

It’s hard to keep them calm at the moment and I don’t think that was helped by taking them for a playdate with Mabel where they got to play dress up in pretty Monsoon outfits, twirl around, throw baubles and eat far too many chocolate biscuits. Well, we did need to bribe them to stand still for the photos somehow!

When it comes to Christmas one of the most fun parts are the traditions we have year in year out. Be that nativity plays, Christmas films or prosecco quaffing at 7am. There are so many traditions from my own childhood that I want to recreate with them but it’s also important to forge our own as our little family of four. I always feel somewhat nostalgic when I look back at my own childhood Christmas’. I remember feeling a sort of sense of loss when I started spending Christmas with Edd and splitting our time between our respective families. I yearned for a year waking up at my mum’s house and spending the whole day there from start to turkey coma induced finish. I guess that is why making these new traditions are important. I want the girl’s to have that same warm fuzzy glow.

For me my absolute favourites were watching Santa Claus the movie on Christmas Eve whilst snuggled in our PJs and most importantly the midnight opening of the stockings with my sister. The girls may be a bit young for the midnight present opening but we will most definitely be watching Santa Claus. Christmas morning was a chaos of present opening by the tree and a yummy Sara Lee Pecan Danish (tres sophisticated back in the 80s) before a walk to the local village pub where we met up with friends for present sharing and festivities.

One of my favourite things about Christmas Day is donning our best party frocks. As a kid we would always rush upstairs and come back dressed in every possible new item including the knickers and socks that had been left in our stocking! It was mandatory. This year the girls are going to be wearing the prettiest tutu dresses complete with prerequisite sparkle. I don’t tend to go for the reds and greens but instead they have these beautiful swan dresses from Monsoon. Molly has been asking to wear it every day.

We will then be pulling on our coats, hats and gloves to follow my old traditions of a walk ending at the pub of course to wish a Merry Christmas to all our friends. Luckily it’s only a few doors away so I’ll be able to dash back to check the turkey!


As Mabel is only just old enough to semi understand Christmas I want to make our own traditions for the big day. I’m thinking of waking up (at let’s face it, whatever time Mabel decides to – she is our in-house alarm clock) making hot chocolate, putting on some festive tunes and opening the presents under the tree. This year Mabel’s gift list included “A Yoyo, a torch and…a black swan”. The first two requests were easy (and inexpensive!) but the third well, I have NO idea how to make THAT happen (!) Wish me luck!


We’d always open our stockings from Father Christmas in our PJs on my parents bed early on Christmas morning – we’d still do it now if it wasn’t awkward with other halves being involved 😉 I’m really looking forward to doing this with Elle in a few days time (!) as she really ‘gets’ it this year.


Every year is entirely different so we don’t have traditions as such.

Though when Han and I were little we used to get an extra present from my Granny and Grandad – they used to hide them and we used to play ‘How warm you are, or how cold you are (getting warmer as you got nearer to the present). I absolutely loved it and will be playing with my niece, Felicity, this year.


When I was little my mum used to save a present for the evening called the Christmas Tree Present! It was only something small, either a pair of gloves, new socks, flannel or smellies, but we used to love it. I swear there was as much excitement and anticipation for this small gesture as there was for the mornings main presents. I’ve not adopted this tradition in my own house, but reminiscing about it now I’m definitely questioning why.

Also my mum still to this day buys me a Rupert Annual from Father Christmas. I hope I’m never too old to receive one.
I hope that has got you a bit (more) excited for Sunday. As always please do share your favourite Christmas traditions with us?

All outfits from Monsoon.