When Mabel started nursery every other week for at least the first 3 months, she had some kind of cough and/or cold. As a parent you can’t help but feel a bit useless, there is no cure, no one bottle of magic medicine to make your baby sleep well and no way of making them know how to blow their nose…..I can remember lying awake at night frantically googling potentially remedies whilst listening to Mabel sob with frustration and fatigue.

Just recently Mabel has been suffering with yet another flu-ey type virus that’s been doing the rounds in our area, even now, two weeks on she still has an irritating cough but it’s been easier to deal with now we are aware and experienced in various proven remedies. Unfortunately I can’t offer any instant miracles but I can share some of tried and tested solutions that have certainly helped soothe the symptoms and make the road to recovery that little less bumpy.

Please do consult your Doctor/GP before using new medicines with your baby and ask for advice if you are unsure how to administer, the correct dosage or associated side effects. Always read any associated instructions thoroughly and carefully before using any medicinal product with your child.

Foam Wedge/Pillow

Simple, some might say obvious, but definitely makes a major difference to Mabel’s cough and thus how well she is able to sleep. As she was so little with her first cold we used a foam wedge underneath her mattress, often associated with anti-reflux. As she is almost two now we use a regular small cushion but the Clevamama Clevafoam Baby Pillow available at Boots is suitable from birth and is made from completely breathable materials.

If Mabel rolls off her cushion/pillow for any reason during the night the coughing inevitably becomes worse, as soon as we place her back on, her cough becomes far less frequent.

Nasal Aspirator

Not particularly pleasant (for either party!) but definitely effective – and a nasal aspirator is suitable from birth. I can recall James trying to get the hang of it when Mabel had her first blocked nose (somewhere between 6-8 weeks) and it really did make an improvement to her level of comfort, even if the relief barely lasted an hour.

Vapour Plug In

We use the Calpol Sooth and Care Vapour Plug In – suitable from 3 months old. The lavender and chamomile oil really do seem to improve breathing and a blocked nose.

(Non paracetamol) Medicines

Most syrups contain Glycerol which has soothing properties thought to aid tickle and dry coughs. We use the Boots own brand which is suitable from 3 months. Now Mabel is a little older I have tried the Organic Elderberry Syrup from Neal’s Yard – suitable from 12 months. She seemed to be fine taking it (always a bonus) and I know it’s certainly helped to soothe my scratchy cough this past week or so.

Please do share your experiences and effective remedies in the comments box below, I’m hoping we’ll gather so many useful tips that we can put together a definitive list and keep it somewhere permanently on the blog as a useful reference.

Image by Little Beanies