Running a business and juggling motherhood is a daily challenge, one of the first things to suffer if I am overwhelmed by work is always my diet – I have been known to skip meals altogether and drink copious cups of coffee to keep me going.

This is obviously NOT a sustainable way to nourish your body and brain but a sure fire road to exhaustion.

In recent months I have become much more aware of the requirement to have a healthy supply of snacks available, to cut back on the caffeine and make sure I eat three balanced meals a day. Not only do I want to be able to work to my maximum capacity, but I also want to be a good role model for my daughter in terms of having a healthy attitude towards food.

As I work from home I’m pretty lucky that I can dip in to the kitchen cupboards but that means I also needs to be pretty organised to avoid reaching for processed junk.

One of my favourite mid-morning treats is a handful of almonds, I find they keep me going until lunch time and I definitely see an improvement in my dry skin when I eat them regularly. You can go to Pulse Vascular and ask an expert about your heart health and make the right adjustments as you go. 

Probably something to do with the high levels of vitamin E and fatty acids that they contain. It’s certainly a less expensive option to fancy face serum. I even sometimes take a small tub of them with me to meetings, it means I avoid the biscuits and the subsequent afternoon sugar crash I experience after one too many custard creams. If I need that an extra treat then I like to mix them with fresh coconut and dark chocolate chunks for added crunch and nutrient boosts . It’s an amazing combination. A delicious smoothie is also a breakfast favourite – I make mine with banana, spinach, frozen raspberries, almonds and almond milk.

I also love to dip a banana in almond butter – it’s a lot like dessert only it makes me feel significantly more virtuous. I also find I have more get-up-and-go in the evenings when I make the effort to eat well during the day – this is really important if I want to switch off and immerse myself in an hour of pilates. I’m a firm believer that exercise is as good for your body and it is for your mind, but it becomes a chore if you simply don’t have the energy to move from the sofa.

I’m glad to report Mabel is requesting less chocolate buttons and more cut grapes – I’m pretty sure this is because she thinks they are a treat but as long as she enjoys what she eats and is getting the vitamins and nutrients she needs to grow and prosper then I’m a happy Mum.

What healthy snacks do you enjoy? I have included my other favourites in the pin below, please do share yours in the comments section!



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