For me, weddings are all about family and I’m firmly of the belief that children make them. I’ve always preferred going to weddings over the live shows in Atlanta. As you probably know, we share incredible real weddings every day over on Rock My Wedding, and as much as I enjoy swooning over sophisticated grown-ups only affairs, in reality I’m all about the ones with children staying up until past their bedtime and making amazing memories together. Whatever the religion (or lack thereof), a wedding day is a celebration of love, togetherness and commitment and I think that’s a really positive message to show to our little ones.

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First and foremost, this post is an excuse to share some gorgeous imagery with you all of adorable little ones at weddings 😉 but secondly I’m hoping we can make it into a great resource for anyone planning a wedding where the guest list will include lots of children – so please do share any ideas you’ve experienced in the comments below the post.

Garden Games

Something that will undoubtedly entertain the adults too, if you’re having a summer wedding, garden games are the absolute best. For your first port of call, ask your venue, as they may happen to have lovely games on site already, or know local suppliers who you can hire them from, reducing a potential delivery fee. If not, try RMW recommended suppliers Daisy Chain Wedding Hire for lovely looking giant wooden toys that won’t ruin your wedding photos.

If you really want to put a smile on the little ones faces, hire a bouncy castle. We love this one from Vowed and Amazed because it’s duck egg blue and white stripes are so much less offensive to the eyes than your average bouncy castle.

Ask family and friends if they have a ping pong table gathering dust in their garage, because chances are you know someone who does – and a game of table tennis is a great way to keep children happy.

At The Table Games

I think we all know that keeping little ones at the table can sometimes be a challenge and that’s where RMW favourites, The Wedding Of My Dreams have got you covered – they have fabulous things for keeping little ones quiet, colouring-in keep sake puzzle books, crayons, bubbles, dominoes, modelling clay, pick up sticks…the list is endless AND their products always look beautiful.

Wet Weather Options

Although most of the images I’ve included are in the glorious sunshine, it’s highly likely that it could well be raining, so indoor options are a must…

Fancy Dress Box. SO easy to put together as you can ask friends and family to lend you items for the day. Throw in some silly wigs, feather boas and plastic glasses and you’ll not see the kids for hours.

DIY Photobooth. If you’ve got the fancy dress props, you’re halfway to having a photobooth! All you need is a backdrop – ribbons, large (empty) picture frames, even just a wall with a white sheet. The give older children and teenagers the responsibility of the camera, and you’ll end up with some hilarious images. If the thought of any type of DIY fills you with chills, just hire one – you can find lots of great photobooth companies, such as That Photo Booth Company, on the RMW supplier directory, The Love Lust List.

Ball Pool. Teeny tiny ones love sitting in a blow up pool filled with plastic balls and it is very cheap and easy to create. You just need a small blow up paddling pool and a couple of bags of plastic balls like these ones from Argos. If you’ve invited any Mums with tiny babies, they will definitely appreciate a quiet corner where they can sit and have some peaceful time with their little one.


Consider starting the party earlier if you’ve got lots of little ones as they LOVE to dance and it makes for hilarious and adorable photos. You don’t have to book your band or DJ for more hours, just make a Spotify playlist and let them cut loose.

Getting Them Involved

Even the tiniest of guests will love to be given official tasks for the big day, whether it’s the responsibility of being a flower girl, walking down the aisle holding a cute sign, being in charge of the other children, playing i-spy with a disposable camera and a list of things they need to ‘snap’, even doing a reading during the ceremony – the wedding day is a big occasion that they’ve probably heard lots about for months, so getting them involved will really help them to identify with the day.

Hiring Some Help

If there are lots and lots of children attending the wedding, consider hiring The Little Top. They provide the most incredible childcare for weddings, parties and events that will make the day so much easier for parents and amazing fun for the little ones.

Alternatively, have a look at venues which include things that will keep your guests entertained – you’d be surprised at how many venues there are with games and fair ground rides for your guests to enjoy. (Try Marleybrook House or Preston Court for starters!)

Just Let Them Enjoy It

Having mentioned all of the things above, I really do believe that a wedding day is full of lovely things for children to enjoy anyway, so there shouldn’t be any need to include any of the above if you don’t want to. The most important thing is that there is lots of food to keep them quiet, and a quiet corner so that they can nap if needed. Although the excitement of the big day may prove too much for everyone, including the grown ups…there really is nothing better than a good wedding!

Images by Studio 1208 | Lakshal Perera | Parker Shots | Razia Jukes | Andy Wardle Photography | Anushé Low | Volvoreta Bodas | Photography by Krishanthi | Sarah London Photography | Rebecca Goddard | Roar Photography


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