It started with the water ride tragedy at Drayton Manor theme park. Following on from the catastrophic injuries suffered by teenagers at Alton Towers, it sparked James and I to have a fairly heated debate about how we could ever prevent Mabel from wanting to experience such potentially dangerous fairground rides in the future.

And then the Manchester terrorist attack happened.

Whether it’s because it’s my husband’s home city, or whether it’s because this particular act of cruelty and cowardice was deliberately aimed at children, I am affected by the horrific events more than any other act of terror that has occurred previously. I have a continual knot in my chest, a sense of foreboding and confusion. Why? Why would anyone want to deliberately end the lives of such innocents?

As I type it’s been announced that all 22 fatalities have been identified. I can’t even begin to imagine the devastation for those families, the hours some parents spent searching, praying and hoping that their daughter or son would turn up relatively unscathed.

I am upset, I am angry and I am feeling helpless when it comes to knowing what to do with regards keeping my little girl safe from such atrocities in the future. How can I protect her when we can neither anticipate nor control such shameless acts of evil?

Clearly I’m not expecting anyone to have the answers, I imagine as you read you are feeling the same way as I do. That you want to wrap your loved ones in proverbial cotton wool and never subject them to this very real side of the world we live in.

Those of you with children old enough to be subjected to and somewhat understand current events, how do you explain it to them?

I am comforted by the sense of solidarity of our country, the bravery of our amazing emergency services and the unwavering support across social media. But it doesn’t take away the fear. Or the fact that for the first time in forever I have questioned whether living in the United Kingdom is the safest option for us as a family.

I’m genuinely exceptionally sorry that this feature seems to be an outpouring of my exhausted and somewhat perturbed emotions. I actively encourage you to use this platform for your own thoughts, advice and associated discussion – please do feel free to share whatever you need to in the comments box below.