Since the blog launched the team have all shared their birth stories, each one completely different and unique, but at the moment we have no more stories to tell. So when this birth story was sent to us I knew we had to share it. Not just to show another experience but because they are accompanied by the most amazing photographs of the birth, taken by Lindsey’s friend Gabrielle Bower. It is utterly amazing to see the birth captured and I hope you all enjoy the post. I’d also love to know if any of you would consider having your birth photographed?

I had been awake most of the night feeling anxious, excited and nervous, after 9 months of waiting we were finally going to meet our little man. My roots were dyed, nails painted, case packed, nursery completed. Daniel, Sienna and I were all ready to welcome are precious bundle of joy into the world.

We arrived at Bassetlaw hospital at 9am 19th May 2016 for our consultant’s appointment. At 38 weeks the little monkey had decided to move from his head down position to transverse. We were booked into to have him turned but if this wasn’t possible, I would have a C-section that afternoon. I only went and googled stories of turning and no wonder I hadn’t slept!!! I read many accounts of excruciating pain. I prepared for the worst and laid waiting for the consultants. They arrived, gave me an injection monitored me and returned to attempt to make the move. My only concern was our baby, would he feel any pain. The consultant assured me that our little man wouldn’t be in any distress and I would be constantly scanned while the procedure was taking place. My mind was put at ease, I could cope with the pain as long as I knew it was just me suffering.

I was told to relax, Sammy my awesome student midwife was next to me with gas and air if needed. I shut my eyes, I took a deep breath, I relaxed my body and visualised beautiful golden sands with clear sea lapping against my feet. I was focusing on my breathing, I blurred out the words being spoken but I do remember the consultant saying “great encouragement from dad”. The next words I heard was “all done”, it had taken just minutes and was uncomfortable but far from excruciating. My partner however was stood at the end of the bed, white faced, silent and a little wobbly.

I was hoping my friend would arrive soon, I was concerned that Daniel just simply wouldn’t be able to support me in labour. He couldn’t even watch casualty and refused to sit in the same room, if one born every minute was on the box. I just really wanted him there to see our son take his first magical breath but If he needed to go out then I would respect that and I had given him that option, to take the pressure off.

I was then monitored for the next hour and my waters were successfully broken. This was totally weird as I hadn’t experienced it on my first birth due to them not being broken until the very end. Now that our little boy was head down and on his way, I was totally excited. Dan was still nervous about the delivery and kept himself focused by being the chief drink maker!

Gabrielle then arrived with camera, treats and drinks, what an absolute legend, she had brought many supplies. We chatted, smiled, laughed and Dan drank plenty of coffee, 17 cups to be exact. My contractions slowly started and I really wanted to remain active while in labour. I bounced and bounced and bounced Some more, I could hardly feel the contractions when I was on the birthing ball. I was still comfortable and didn’t need pain relief, ideally I only wanted gas and air but we would see how things progressed.

My labour was developing slowly, I was only four centimetres and it was approximately 4 pm. Sammy wanted it to progress quicker and suggested that I had a drip to speed things up. I wished for an active labour and I knew I would be restricted to the bed but it had to be done; I just wanted to meet our beautiful boy. The drip helped speed things up and my talking slowly reduced, Dan and Gabs were still making me laugh and I was in pain!! Dan’s exact words were “what’s up wi thee”. “what’s up wi thee” I replied!!! “I’m only in labour”.
Dan seemed more relaxed now Gabs had arrived, so far so good, he even massaged my back as I contracted. As the pain intensified I took deep breathes on the gas and air, I squeezed Dan’s hand so hard I thought I’d broke it. I was focused but the pain was excruciating, if he didn’t arrive soon I would need some pain relief but Sammy knew it wouldn’t be long.

As Dan’s hand pressed firmly into my back I lost it a little and told him to stop, because I’d been so calm Sammy knew that it was time and dashed out to get Liz. The gas and air was taken away and I had to focus on pushing. I focused so hard on meeting our little man and I pushed, and pushed, and pushed. It was tough, it was tiring and the burning was unreal. When he was half way delivered I sat up and saw his gorgeous little head, it was surreal. One last push and little Frankie Peter Scott arrived into the world at 19:15pm weighing 8oz 1lb, he was perfect. The emotion and love I felt for this precious mini person was unbelievable. I held him close to me and felt the luckiest person alive, our family was complete.

What an amazing experience to have not only two amazing birthing partners but the relaxed atmosphere, the conversations about Vegas, Walking Dead, Sons of Anarchy while munching on mini boosts. I couldn’t have planned it any better and at the end we got to meet the most perfect little boy. All these memories were captured in the most special way by our very talented friend and we will cherish them forever.