I am so glad my girls are no longer in nappies. I mean, how many of those things can you get through in a day? In the interests of being helpful a few of the team thought they would share their choices with you in our very own nappy review.


Pampers was our preferred choice with both girls. I’m not sure why I started buying them. Perhaps it is because when I was pregnant that was the brand I thought I should have. I stockpiled them during the pregnancy, buying a few here and there. I never had any problems with them and so continued buying them. I found they were super absorbent and always fitted the girls well. We didn’t really have any leaks other than when it was time for them to go up a size. I did try Huggies and really didn’t rate them. They always felt sort of inflexible and there were quite a few leaks so I didn’t make a repeat purchase. I also tried the organic Naty by NatureCare as Alice had such bad nappy rash and although they were good I couldn’t continue the spend.


When Leo was first born we used Pampers. I was so unaware of what else was about that they seemed like the straightforward option. I also liked the ‘pee line’ that would change when his nappy was getting a bit full. Although I changed him regularly this just let me know if he’d had any super wee’s in between. But I do agree with Lolly in that we had quite a few leakages with them, wether that was a flaw in the design or my new Mom shaky hands failing to fit them properly I’m not sure.

We did have a pack of Morrisons Little Big nappies at one point and I really didn’t like them. They seems stiff and they didn’t absorb much at all and he always seemed to feel quite wet.

We then moved on to the Tesco Loves Baby range. We’d always used their wipes as they were our local supermarket and we were forever running out so we thought we’d give the nappies a try and I was so impressed. They felt comfortable, the fit was good and they rarely leaked. They are also a great price. He no longer wears nappies in the daytime but he wears ‘pants’ at night still and we have stuk to the Tesco brand and been generally really pleased with them.


Hector actually wears two different brands of nappies – Pampers at nursery and Waitrose own brand at home. Talk about having all the options.

If I’m honest though I really don’t rate the Pampers nappies – we’ve had more leakages with this brand than with Waitrose and they don’t seem to feel as sturdy or as well made as the latter. We landed on Waitrose’s own brand purely by chance after the Naty Nature nappies that I’d bought in bulk (schoolboy error) just didn’t fit Hector properly at all (they were all the wrong proportions). A quick dash to the local supermarket when Hector was only five days old and Ste had come home with a pack of Waitrose’s finest. We were so impressed with the quality, the super absorbency and the fit that we haven’t looked back and I don’t think that they’re priced too badly either.

I’d definitely use them next time round too.
What brands do you use and how have you found them? Does anyone prefer re-usable nappies and if so how have you found them?

Image by Little Beanies.