Last week Lolly shared her spring purchases for Hector and so it got me thinking about my own spring wardrobe. It is currently somewhat lacking. Last year I started my quest to kick myself in to gear and start making a bit more of an effort. It had been quite a few years since I could feasibly blame my lack of hairbrushing on having a newborn after all.

I have been doing pretty well. Not every day admittedly but then most days I am working from home so I figure jeans, a jumper and a quick ponytail are just fine. Now that spring is on the way it’s time to have a bit of sort out of my wardrobe. I am definitely one of those people who loves a good spring clean in all areas of the house. I get itchy feet and feel the need to change everything from my cushions to my socks! I kid you not. If only my bank balance would support it. On that note I am seriously lusting after Lisa’s cushion that she shared in her recent lounge tour on Rock My Style. So good.

When it comes to my wardrobe I am quite ruthless. About every 6 months or so I have a mass clear out. If I didn’t wear it in the last year the likelihood is that I probably won’t. A lot of the team have done the Marie Kondo method to some success. I just can’t quite be like that. I simply look at my clothes and see what I wear and what I still like. Also, most importantly do I have anything that goes with it? I am a nightmare for random non matching purchases.

I’ll also check all items for things that need mending or fixing. If you are like me you will always shove it to the back and think that I’ll get my sewing kit out one day. This year my favourite jeans are beyond repair with a big rip so it’s time for some new ones. Luckily for me my favourite jeans are only from M&S! Yep, their skinny jeans are my absolute favourite as they just fit me so well and such a good price. I’ve just got a new pair of Sculpt and lift (heres hoping!) indigo ones and this lovely £19 bargain grey pair.

I’m feeling a lot of love for pastel shades at the moment and am thinking this is a good excuse to get a bit or colour co-ordination going on. I need simple outfits like jeans and cute jumpers or little skirts and tops but most importantly I need them to be good value. I’m trying not to spend too much this year so what I do buy either needs to be cheap or an investment that I will wear lots. I am also in desperate need of some new lightweight jumpers so would welcome your recommendations please. Charlotte is a big fan of Warehouse Knitwear so I may be taking a peek there. I am also rather loving this peach ASOS jumper and this frilly sleeved cardigan from H&M. Oh and how cute is this ‘day off’ sweatshirt from New Look?

Rather than just layering up with jumpers I think it’s time for a few long sleeved tops. A cliche I know but I love a Breton stripe and have just ordered this pink one from Boden. I figure it’s got a bit of colour to it and these ones wash so well that I don’t mind spending the extra pennies. I’ve also just bought this sweet ruffle long sleeved tee from Topshop for the bargain price of £10.

Then there is the underwear drawer. I’ve decided it’s high time that gets a bit of love and attention. I’ll happily buy a new jumper but never seem to splash out on a new bra which is ridiculous given how often they get worn. Given comments on Becky’s post last week I think we need a whole post dedicated to underwear. In the meantime I’ve become a bit of a fan of the soft bralets since having the girls so will be raiding ASOS, H&M and M&S for a few new ones. I may well be purchasing this from M&S or this soft padded triangle bra from H&M. Oh, and socks. What the hell happens to the socks? I seem to only have four pairs left!

I’ve been perusing trusty New Look for some new day dresses and have my eye on this simple jersey dress and this little tea dress. Although this pink frill dress may also have fallen in to my basket whilst I was browsing. Figure it will be cute with a long cardigan and tights on chillier days.

But before I make any more purchases I need to finish the sort. Once I’ve amassed a huge pile it all heads off to the charity shop. I could eBay it but I have neither the time nor the inclination. I also decided I am not the best ebayer after I sold some baby stuff which I thought I had meticulously cleaned only for the buyer to contact me and say that the changing bag had a whole pocket full of crushed biscuits!! I’m not sure if I was more embarrassed about the lack of cleanliness or my childrens obvious biscuit addiction. Needless to say I refunded her and have never sold anything again.

Does anyone else have a mass spring clean of their wardrobe? Or more importantly please share your purchases or wish list with us. We all like a bit of enabling now and again.