When you find out you are pregnant you are normally bursting with excitement but there is always that little bit of you that wonders how on earth you are going to keep it quiet until the 12 week scan. Obviously you can tell people earlier but in general most expectant parents like to keep it to themselves until that first milestone. That can mean a lot of deception and over thinking of scenarios to make sure no one guesses!

Between the team we have had a lot of experience of trying to keep our pregnancy news to ourselves so thought we would share a few hints and tips to help you in those early weeks.

The Alcohol Issue

First up I’m guessing most of you would think that the whole ‘no drinking’ is a dead cert giveaway but there are ways around it. The top tip is to just act quite natural and not make a big deal out of it. I’m not a drinker so with both my pregnancies I didn’t really have to worry as most people don’t expect me to have a drink anyway. On the occasions they would have expected me to have a drink I did some sneaky swaps. If we were at home I would pour myself a glass of good old Schloer or a coke with nothing added. If you are out and about you could take a small bottle of grape juice in your handbag which looks sneakily like red wine!

You can also try the switch drink trick using your partner or a willing friend to down your drinks. Beware they might end up a bit worse for wear!

Becky says that she always ordered the non alcoholic cocktails so it still looked like she was drinking… you obvs always have to order your own though and be good at pretending to be drunk!

The Detox Line

I’m on a detox is an excellent way to avoid not just the whole alcohol situation but also those odd situations where your friends may encourage you to dig in to a plate of Brie! Get your partner to use the same excuse and say you are challenging each other to make it look more realistic.

Lorna’s friend told her she was doing a sponsored dry alcohol month at work to raise money for charity. Although she had my suspicions she thought it was much more inventive than “I’m on antibiotics!”

Cull The Caffeine

When you are pregnant you may want to start cutting back on your Starbucks habit. This is fine if you are doing the ordering as you can opt for a peppermint tea or a decaf version but if friends or colleagues are on the coffee run you could carry on as normal and just keep the lid on, pretending to sip, but this could get pricey. Instead bring in a travel mug from home and tell them you are making your own whilst you save some money for house/holiday/clothes etc.

Keep Your Style

Don’t suddenly change your clothing to hide a bump. If you normally wear fitted clothes don’t start wearing loose flowy smocks and leggings and instead add layers or scarves to hide any bumps. If you find your clothes uncomfortable obviously switch them but try to keep to a similar style.

Patterns & Statement Jewellery

Wear some patterned tops and dresses or chunky statement necklaces to help draw the eye away from you growing bump.

Choose A Confidant

Having someone else who knows really takes the pressure off. Obviously your partner can help in social situations but you could also choose one close friend who is able to step in and help in social situations.

Keep Your Desk Stocked

If you are suffering with morning (or all day) sickness make sure you have lots of water and snacks at hand. Opt for things that will help calm your stomach like gingernut biscuits or digestives. I kept the Nairns ginger oat biscuits at work as I loved them anyway so they were an easy snack to grab. Make sure you keep up the fluids and sip at water all day long as dehydration can make the sickness worse.

Switch Up The Exercise

If you are a regular gym bunny you may find yourself feeling too tired or sick for your usual morning work outs. If friends start to question why you aren’t meeting them for your usual 6am Spin class try telling them that you are going to a pilates class later or that you have pulled a muscle so are trying swimming instead. It’s good to keep exercising during pregnancy if you can so if you still feel up to it keep going but just start to take things a bit easier. I carried on with our work running club, albeit a touch slower, for as long as I could. I appreciated the fresh air at lunchtime and it was a great bit of exercise.

The Dentist Switch

Rather than saying you are off to the doctors for yet another appointment you could try saying you are having some work done at the dentists. No one will question a couple of appointments for a crown or root canal work plus you have the added benefit of saying it’s pricey so you need to save some pennies and not go out.

Plan Your Day

If your morning sickness really does hit in the morning try to avoid planning any meetings or appointments for first thing. Instead make them for later in the day when you know you are less likely to need to make a dash for the loo.
Do you have any tips to share on hiding pregnancy in the early weeks or did you let everyone know early on?