As the weather is on the turn it gets harder to plan days outdoors or trips to the park without encountering a rain shower or freezing hands. I still try and get out and about with the girls as much as we can and a brisk trip to the park is still welcome fresh air. However, it is good to have some alternatives up your sleeve for when you can’t make it outside. We’ve chatted about baby clubs before here so I thought I’d share a few ideas for easy autumn activities and outings with the kiddies.

Garden Centres

Now I’m sure most of you with little ones will have made an outing or two to your local garden centre. We are lucky to have a huge one by us and the girls have always loved visiting. We explore the plants, play in the sheds and wendy houses and go and look at the fish. It’s a free using and one that keeps them amused for a good hour which is excellent in my book.

The Library

I am not sure how I got through the last six years without discovering the delights of the local library. Over the summer the girls had a reading challenge which meant we had to read a certain number of books from the library. They were there all the time as they loved it. We’d turn up, read a few books, choose some to take home and there goes an hour of our day. There were always various clubs and crafts on too with everything from baby singing to mask making plus fun talks from people such as The Dogs Trust. There is normally a kid friendly area with little chairs and play mats so staying and reading is actively encouraged. It’s definitely worth checking out if you have a library near you.

Woodland Adventures

If it’s only a bit grey then a trip to the woods is a great little outing. You are also normally sheltered by the trees should any rain decide to make an appearance. Try creating a treasure trail with things for them to hunt out so collect an acorn, conker and some sticks. We go to our local forest on the Stick Man trail which is always good fun. They are all over the country so I can recommend seeing if there is one near you.


We didn’t take the girls to see a proper ‘big’ film until they were at least 3 and even then they only sat through it with the help of copious snacks and treats. However, it is worth checking out your local cinema as a lot do dedicated toddler mornings where it doesn’t matter if your little one starts chattering or the baby cries as everyone is in the same boat.


In the same vein as the cinema your local theatre will often have little plays on for the kids at bargain prices. Yes, they may be am dram but there is no pressure for your little ones to sit through it all and they often have great audience participation for the kids.

Big Fish Little Fish

I never expected to say I went raving with my kids on a Sunday afternoon but last week I did exactly that. I’d heard about Big Fish Little Fish events before and so when there was one local to me we packed up and went. Basically imagine old school drum and bass, top djs and a whole heap of fun. There are glow sticks, glitter, bubbles, giant balloons and amazing fancy dress. We went to a heroes and villains themed event and I loved seeing all the costumes, mostly from the adults I might add. The girls quickly got on to the dance floor and despite what you might think apparently the drum and bass beats are very appealing to little one’s ears. There was also a craft table for superhero masks, baby play area and cakes. Oh, and a bar for those mums and dads not driving. It was honestly a whole heap of fun and I can highly recommend it.

Surestart Centres

Have a look for a Surestart Centre near you as they always have lots of free baby clubs and get togethers for new mums.

Soft Play

I know, I know, but before you swear at me the soft play can be your friend! Our local one is massive and on a Tuesday morning they have a toddler session. This basically involves playing, storytime, singing, toast for the littles and a free cuppa for mum. Not so bad afterall.

The Market

Amy and Becky’s little one’s seem to all have a penchant for choosing fruit and veg at the market. Give them their own little basket and away you go.

Pottery Cafes

Laura is a big fan of taking Bertie to the pottery cafe to get creative and it’s a wonderful way to spend a few hours. You also get tea and cake so what’s not to love? Becky did this last year to create Christmas presents for the grandparents. Apparently there were so many happy tears come Christmas day!
Have you go any failsafe outings for those chillier days?

Image by Sophie Hewitt.