Mabel has always been a “hot” child. I don’t know if this is a thing as such but I remember my little sister was the same – seemingly sweating their tiny bottoms off in just a vest and nappy whilst everyone else was perfectly comfortable in a jumper.

Mabel regularly asks to not have her duvet at all, even when I’m personally feeling so chilly my 14 tog is over my head and I’m sleeping in a full on fleece dressing gown.

We kind of just roll with it now – try and put a blanket over her when we come to bed so she doesn’t wake up shivering (she obviously wouldn’t but I just can’t help worrying about her little arms being all exposed to drafts and whatnot) and endeavour to encourage her to wear a cotton long sleeved top, even if she insists on just wearing a pair of shorts…in February.

I remember when she was a baby I found the whole what-she-should-wear-for-bed thing very confusing, especially in that newborn/sleep-deprived state. I always felt she would be cold when reading the expert advice on clothing and togs for the appropriate room temperature – But as we all know, the experts are indeed experts and the recommendations are based on extensive research for your child’s safety.

If you are struggling with the same we’ve put together a neat little diagram to pin/keep on file that I’ve included below – we’ve taken and adapted the info from and we hope you will find it useful.

Rock My Family Guide To Baby Sleepwear

In terms of actual sleepwear I have always been a big fan of The White Company Pyjamas – they are spendy I know but they wash well, don’t shrink and sometimes they offer multi packs which are good value. As a baby I found the John Lewis sleep suit multi-packs AMAZING and they have so many prints to choose from.

At the moment Mabel is refusing to wear anything to bed but this ice-cream shorts and T-shirt set, when I had to throw it in with the dirty laundry the only piece she would consider as a temporary replacement was a tutu.

Do you/did you find the sleepwear guidelines difficult to follow? I actually loved the sleeping/gro bags and Mabel used hers until she was two and a half. If they designed them in adult size I just might be tempted myself.

Image by Little Beanies