M&S is my go-to place for baby essentials. I can’t get enough of their sleepsuits and blankets for Jenson, and Lyra is usually treated to a cute little outfit as well. However, I’ve realised recently that it’s also pretty much a one-stop-shop if you’re stocking up on breastfeeding essentials. As such I was pleased as punch when they asked to partner with us on this post.

When I had Lyra I knew I wanted to breastfeed but I didn’t know that there was a whole bunch of stuff that would make life a whole lot easier. With Jenson I was fully prepared and made sure I had each and every one of the following items at the ready when he was born, with the exception of the bra which I discovered whilst he was still tiny. New mama or not, breastfeeding or bottlefeeding, you probably need it in your life.


The last thing you’re thinking of in those first few months after you’ve had a baby is sex. Your body feels broken, you’re living on little-to-no sleep, and your hormones are all over the place. However, you still want to feel vaguely attractive. Step in the Isabella lace bralet. It’s not a nursing bra but because it’s super stretchy I found it easy-peasy to feed Jenson in, and it gave me so much body confidence that I ended up wearing it more than any of my breastfeeding-specific bras.

It’s a million miles away from the balconette and padded T-shirt bras that I usually go for, but the shape is ultra flattering and the style is so comfy and it’s just so pretty that I still wear it now, several months after stopping breastfeeding.

Breast Pump

I bought a pump while I was pregnant with Lyra just in case she didn’t nurse well. Luckily she did, and I only had to use it when my breasts were engorged, or when I was away from her for any period of time. (I know that hand expressing is an option but I just never got the hang of it). The pump was a lifesaver for relieving that hot, uncomfortable pain of engorgement. I also know mums that exclusively expressed using a pump for one reason or another and in my eyes they are heroes as it takes a LOT of work.


Whether you’re breast, bottle or combination feeding, muslins are an absolute essential. Lyra was one of these babies that would regurgitate what seemed to be her entire feed as soon as she had finished, so I had a muslin permanently thrown over one shoulder. Jenson’s much less sick-y but I still make sure there’s a pile of muslins to hand for every feed. These pure cotton muslins are oh-so-soft and wash really well. They also make a great cover-up.

Nipple Cream

Thankfully I never suffered with cracked or bleeding nipples however I did experience excruciating pain when my babies latched on. I applied nipple cream religiously and I reckon it’s one of the things that got me through that painful stage. I’ve also since heard good things about this bust protection cream and its cooling and soothing properties.

Breast Pads

When you’ve had a baby it’s normal for your boobs to leak milk for a while until your supply has settled. Breast pads absorb the milk so you don’t have to deal with embarrassing leakage situations. I must have gone through hundreds of pads and wore them 24/7 when my babies were newborn.

Vest Top To Sleep In

I went through a variety of sleepwear options until I found the ideal combination. A nursing bra and pyjama bottoms? Not comfy enough. Regular pyjamas and no bra? Impossible: breast pads just wouldn’t stay in place. Stretchy vest top and pyjama bottoms? Perfect. Low enough to pull down for easy boob access, soft and comfortable enough to sleep in, and the secret support panel meant that breast pads didn’t go astray.

I also loved the fact that vests like these were attractive enough to be worn in the daytime under my normal tops as an alternative to nursing tops. To feed I would just lift my normal top up and pull the vest top down. My tummy was covered, the top of my boob was covered, Lyra/Jenson was getting fed hence happy baby, and a happy baby = happy mama.

Water Bottle

When I had Lyra I spent hours on end sitting on the sofa feeding her. And as soon as she latched on I would immediately get unbearably thirsty. I soon learned to keep a water bottle, a pack of biscuits and the remote control all close to hand.


For those mammoth feeding sessions on the sofa you’re going to need something that will support your baby. I know you can get special breastfeeding pillows but I found that a couple of regular scatter cushions covered with a muslin worked just as well. (And while we’re talking cushions, I’m also over on Rock My Style today chatting about my favourite pieces from Marks and Spencer’s 20% off homeware and up to 50% off furniture event).  

Which breastfeeding essentials did you/do you swear by? Is there anything I’ve missed which new mamas need to add to their list?


This is a sponsored post but we’d never chat about products we didn’t love.