I know I’m sad but I just love sitting down to wrap up the Christmas presents. Normally accompanied by Santa Claus The Movie on the TV and a box of celebrations to munch through. I spend an inordinate amount of time choosing the wrapping and adornments and seriously go to town with the christmas wrapping for the kids. It’s just too much fun.

This year the girls are enjoying helping me to wrap presents and it’s sweet to let them see what gifts they are giving to people. I just have to stop them telling everyone first!! I’m trying to make the wrapping that bit more exciting and it is the perfect excuse to grab the glitter, pom poms and general sparkly stuff.

I’ve shared some of my card and wrap ideas in years gone by so I’ve had to up my game and come up with some new designs for you all. These are perfect for little ones to get involved with as there is nothing too taxing and I often use these ideas myself to give the girls gifts a little bit more magic come Christmas morning. If you are in need of some fancy wrapping for tricky shapes then you need to check out Lauren’s fabulous post from yesterday on Rock My Style.


This has been my wrapping method of choice for the girls this year and I must say it was a lot of fun to do. I bought some packs of the Meri Meri stickers which are gorgeous and you got so many in a set that I had plenty to use on a whole sack of presents. First I wrapped the presents using different coloured kraft paper and tissue paper before adorning with ribbons and the stickers.

See Through Wrapping

Now obviously I don’t want to give away the actual gift but this idea gives two layers of fun. First wrap your gift in a plain paper. Then take some cellophane, cut to size and pop it flat before sprinkling on a generous helping of sequins or glitter. Then place your wrapped gift on top and wrap as per usual. You can pick up rolls of cellophane in lots of craft shops/stationers or I got a handy pack for a bargain £1 in Wilko.


I did this design last year and it was super simple but oh so effective. First wrap your present in brown or white kraft paper. Then using a black pen draw a simple oval shape, add some eyes and antlers before gluing on a red pom pom. You can pick up big packs of pom poms in Hobbycraft for pennies. This idea works early well for homemade Christmas cards.

Snowman Wrap

This idea also works for both cards and wrap. Wrap a present in white paper then tie a ribbon around the top third of the gift. Use stickers, pom poms, buttons or pens to add coal eyes, buttons and a little orange nose.


Stamping your own Christmas paper is a lot of fun and great for kids. You can choose shop bought stamps or make your own potato stamps. To create potato stamps cut a medium sized potato in half then using a cookie cutter press it down in to the potato. Gently cut towards the cutter and remove the top half of the potato. Leave to sit for a day to help the potato dry out then stamp away. You could use festive colours or go for a trendy monochrome look.


If your kids are like mine they will have a sweet tooth. Grab a lollipop or fill a little cellophane bag with some sweets and attach it with ribbon to your present.

Sewed Stars

If you own a sewing machine this is a super quick and fun option for gifts. Using kraft paper, or any wrapping paper of your choice, cut out two large stars. Start to stitch together and once you get near the end pop in the present before sewing up. You could also stitch by hand if you like. This works better with slightly flatter presents.

Animal Friends

Schleich animals are my favourite for everything from cakes to gifts. They are just the cutest and make an added little gift for the lucky recipient. Just tie a ribbon around your present, knot over the animal and tie in a bow. Simple.

Driving Home For Christmas

This is a Pinterest favourite and works well on small gifts. Wrap in brown paper and then using a black pen draw a little car design on one side. Don’t worry, you can keep this simple! Then use bakers twine to fix a brush tree to the top of the car.
Hope that has given you a few ideas and have fun wrapping!

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