They say every pregnancy is different, and it turns out “they” would be right. Compared to my first experience of growing a human which on reflection, was a walk in the park, the last 20 weeks of my life have not been anywhere near as enjoyable or as relatively straight forward as I thought they might be.

I promise to write more detail in future posts but today I thought we could focus on FOOD.

I swear that throughout my experience of carrying Mabel, apart from a weird and short-lived desire for sausage roll at about 18 weeks (and a daily requirement for Kelloggs Frosties) “cravings” simply were not part of my journey.

This time around? Different story entirely. For the first 13 weeks it was either feeling as though as I was going to throw up or a desperate hunger for All. The. Carbs.

I mean I don’t even really like bread that much (true story – but I more than make up for it with biscuits and sweets) and yet all I could think about was warm buttery toast with a side of fries. In fact, anything bakery or potato based in general. Especially when paired with cheese or cream – I could literally devour a bowl of gratin or dauphinoise in under a minute. And still be ready for a slice of Victoria sponge and a ham & cheddar toastie for afters.

Consuming such a vast amount of crap made me feel crap – on top of the fact I felt absolutely dreadful anyway.

It’s a vicious chip fuelled circle.

I certainly didn’t deny myself anything, but I was really bloody relived when I hit the 14 week mark and I felt like I had turned a corner. Or at least my body was literally crying out for some decent nutrition. Then it was all about raw carrots, peas, green beans, melon and apples. Regarding the latter, my favourite variety is a Jazz but I’m also fairly partial to a Pink lady or a Braeburn.

Yes, I’m writing about different types of apples. This is my life now.

I’m not trying to preach to the converted, we all know a ridiculous amount of sugar and fat isn’t going do our body any favours. Or our brains. Or our growing babies. I’m the first person to hold my hands up and admit that if you buy me a chocolate orange I will eat the entire chocolate orange. In one sitting. Absolutely no sharing or consideration for others.

Therefore I endeavour to stock up on healthy (ish) snacks and discover quick and easy recipes so I’m less inclined to reach for the box of fondant fancies.

I always keep lots of fruit in the fridge, aforementioned apples are good because they tend to keep for longer and they often have offers on as long as you are keen to try different types. I buy the bags of ready peeled carrot batons, super cheap and absolutely delicious dipped in hummus. I also love peanut butter (Pip & Nut is AMAZING)… on an oatcake or two. I buy ice lollies by the dozen, I try to buy the ones that are essentially frozen fruit juice, Waitrose Valencia Orange Lollies are immense.

I always always keep something something to munch on in my bag – I find that desperate hunger strikes at the most inconvenient times. I forgot once and turned up at my friend Kelly’s just about ready to pass out. She rescued me with one of her kid’s lunchbox intended Mcvitie’s mint club biscuits. Admittedly not the most nutritious of items but absolutely ace at the time. I tend to carry around small bags of almonds or those Eat Natural bars.

I’m finding Jamie Oliver’s 5 ingredients recipe book really great for inspiration and ideas, so far we’ve made the easy rustic gnocchi and the pork and mash gratin. I’m also stocking up on fresh vegetable soups now it’s getting chilly.

What food cravings have you experienced? Do you have any quick win recommendations for healthier cupboard supplies or are you constantly reaching for the hobnobs?

Believe me I’m no saint, just this morning I had a packet of smarties and a danish for breakfast….

A little bit of what you fancy does you good and all that.