I am about to sound like an old misery arse so apologies in advance, but WTF is happening with the weather/temperature? I find it difficult enough to appear pulled together clothes wise at the best of times lately without trying to second guess if it’s going to be so warm my face resembles an overripe jalapeΓ±o (that’ll be the thermal vest and jumper I put on at 8am because it was bloody HAILING at that point) or freezing my knickers off because I haven’t got much more on than a flimsy maxi skirt and a strappy camisole (sun was out, was over excited at the prospect of a picnic in the park….).

I’m not going to be a patronise you and suggest that you layer. Or even that you throw on a tailored jacket to instantly smarten things up – we all know this works and also that anything form fitting restricts battling with buggies/toddler meltdowns/clambering along on the floor to pick up peas that have gone AWOL etc. Besides, my tailored jackets are frankly, too much of an investment to potentially get plastered in grape juice and too fancy to wear with trainers.

Now then, have you ever considered the jersey jacket? I’m not sure I even knew it was a thing until I ventured into Topshop a few weeks ago (it’s not a regular haunt – I feel I’m at least a decade too old these days) and there was what I thought was a checked cardigan that looked very comfortable saying “Go on! try me on! But I repeat: stay AWAY from the nylon crop top…..”

Only it wasn’t a cardigan because it had lapels, generous pockets and a smart-ish cut. It was incredibly comfortable, not to mention the fact my arms were fully manoeuvrable. It’s called the Check Jersey Boyfriend jacket (as seen in the header image) and as I type they have most sizes left. It’s Β£39 and I promise you will fling it on and instantly feel that bit more….together. Looks lovely with jeans and boots but equally has enough of a casual vibe to be worn with leggings and trainers. It doesn’t crease and you can throw it in the washing machine – In fact I have worn mine so much since I initially purchased I’ve just ordered the boucle version in ecru. I figured this would work for evenings during the summer months with the aforementioned maxi skirt and cami combo.

You know you’ve found a good buy when various folks remark on how much they like it/want to try it on/ask where you bought it from. My sister, my friend Lisa and my new friend Becky who lives up the road (turned up on the doorstep a few days after we moved in to our country cottage with flowers and the promise of sharing Sauvignon sometime) also all now own this closet must-have. So if you invest in one too we can all be part of some kind of matchy matchy girl gang. I promise there will be wine.

I’d say the jacket comes up true to size in that it has an intentional loose/boyfriend fit but if you are between sizes definitely go a size down rather than up. I’ve just noticed they also do a lovely nude hued maternity version too.

Do let me know what is your wardrobe staple for days when you really just don’t know what to wear.