Those of you that read and/or left feedback on my maternity fashion feature from last week will know that we have been considering the evolution of Rock My Family.

After plenty of research, discussion, reflection and a thorough review of company resource we have decided that, at least for the immediate future, we will be moving to a new home over on the dedicated “Family” section of Rock My Style.

We know there is a significant cross over of readership across both platforms, the majority of feedback we received only further confirmed this is the case. With Lottie leaving for new adventures and my own maternity leave imminent, a restructure is the most viable option for the team and the brand.

When you run a company you have to analyse every element of that business and every revenue stream in detail on a frequent basis. Some will inevitably perform better than others. Sometimes this is simply a symptom of an ever changing online landscape, a more demanding end user base or the fact that what you are trying to achieve isn’t feasible based on the input vs output ratio.

Sometimes it’s because business owners rest on their laurels, become disillusioned or their ego and previous success clouds their judgement and the perception is all future endeavours will automatically be prosperous and worthwhile.

I would never ever want to fall victim to the latter. I know that you can’t take anything for granted, that hard work, dedication and the requirement for new innovative ideas and concepts is constant. That change isn’t negative, it’s fundamental to success and it should be embraced. I want to make ensure Rock My continues to inspire, engage, evolve and provides a safe supportive space for our loyal community.

Going forward you can still enjoy daily posts on Rock My Style, with the addition of dedicated family focussed features being published every Monday and Wednesday afternoon. Our personal feeling is it really is about quality not quantity, and that in the current climate, our social media presence is equally as important as our editorial content. Over the coming months we will be making improvements to the overall user experience and functionality of our websites as well as creating and building exciting new ways for you to interact with each other and the brand.

Thank you so much for being a part of our crazy yet brilliant journey thus far, and we sincerely hope you will join us as we embrace change, move forward and continue to work our arses off. Often juggling childcare, often consuming too many biscuits, but always always giving it everything we’ve got and then some.