Today was spent performing the ultimate Mum juggle. Poorly Ethan lying on my knee watching Christmas Movies, whilst I balance my laptop on the arm of the sofa and worked from home. The flexibility of a job like mine is great because I don’t feel like I’m falling way behind, and I’m able to dive between Mum-ing and working when needed. But it also means that I’m less tempted to call the whole day off and just watch the damn Christmas films too.

Unfortunately, it’s that time of year. And while Ethan was laid up with a temperature, his cousin was lying on her own couch around the corner feeling the very same. I’m not sure whether to blame the sudden arrival of winter or their soft play date at the weekend (I despise those windowless-parent-soul-holes). But alas, they’re both ill.

So I spent my day administering Calpol to keep the temperature at bay, feeding him oranges, vitamins and rubbing his back as he coughed. Our choice of vitamins (Multivitamin, DHA & Vitamin D3) is worth mentioning, as although Ethan’s happy to take them straight, these ones can be hidden in foods and juices super easily. And they’re the only ones I could find in the health food shop where the main ingredient wasn’t sugar… Seriously.

I have oddly fond memories of being sick when I was younger. I was allowed to lie on the couch under my duvet all day long, commandeer the TV and my Mum would constantly bestow me with sympathy, fever checking hands on the forehead and any foods I wished (if I wished any). My Dad would later come home from work, often with some kind of gift and a bottle of Lucozade that he would open and allow to go flat to replenish my energy. One time, he came home with the film Titanic on VHS and an accompanying poster of Leonardo DiCaprio on the day the video was released. One of the best days of my life. It’s actually a wonder I didn’t fake sick more often!

Gavin, on the other hand, was told to go to bed and rest until he felt better. His Mum would check on him, but I don’t think there was special treatment being thrown around the place like my house. Needless to say, his school attendance record was much better than mine.

It got me wondering today about how we treat kids when they’re sick.
Did you get any special, memorable treatment as a kid?
Do you have any little cheer up traditions that you’ve formed with your kids?