I am a tired Mum. But then aren’t we all? My tiredness is due to the fact that Tayo is still up 3, sometimes 4 times a night, he likes to say hi to me at midnight, 2 and 4 generally and throws an extra one in for good measure sometimes (although recently he has thrown in a few 10 until 4 stints!). So this can lead to me being a bit weary, a bit blurry eyed and sometimes just feeling too tired to do anything. SO, whatever makes life easier has been my motto for the past few months. Here’s a few of the teams top life hacks for tired mums.


There are a few ways to make things easier when it comes to food. Last month I signed back up to Hello Fresh. I’d used it when Leo was a similar age to Tayo now and it has really helped. Sure it can seem expensive but it has removed the burden of having to think about what to cook. I’ve found that spending half an hour in the kitchen cooking something that I’m excited to eat has made me feel good about food and what I’m putting on their plates and in their mouths. It’s also really good to have some variety going on.

If you’re not interested in Hello Fresh or the like (recommendations welcome!), a few other tips are to learn some basic recipes that you can make batches of food with. For example, in the past when I know I have a particularly busy week ahead, on a Sunday I’d make a Lasagne, a casserole and maybe cottage pie. That’s three meals that I know can feed us for six dinners. Sure, thats a bit repetitive but gosh it makes me feel better knowing it’s just ready and waiting in the fridge/freezer.

It’s always good to stock up on a few easy essentials too… Lazy garlic is a winner in my house, there’s no washing up of garlic presses or tainting your sponge with the smell of it. It’s also good to have packets of microwave rice, they can accompany pretty much most things. Team RMF also really favour frozen veg. That way if it does come to having yet another plate of fish fingers or chicken dippers, you can at least mix up their veg intake. Bang the bag in the microwave and ta-dah. An extra Mum point for you!

You might also find shopping list apps useful. Anthony and I share a grocery app where if you’re the last to use something you can just add it on to the list. All the supermarkets also have apps too so it might be worth getting one on your phone and doing the same.

The House

‘Why haven’t you got a cleaner yet?!’… Anthony must ask me this question every week. My reply… ‘Well if I can dedicate an hour to it I can get loads done’. His response? ‘But think about what else you could be doing in that hour’. And he’s right. I could be prepping that food ready for batch cooking, I could be taking the dog for a walk or I could go to the gym maybe. I also assume that what I can do in an hour a professional can do double and probably to a much better standard. So, on my list of things to do in November, I am looking for a cleaner. Whatever makes life easier remember.

Another great hack for in the house is to have a change station downstairs. You may have started with one just in the babies nursery and it probably soon became apparent that actually, trudging up and down the stairs every time your babe needs a nappy change is knackering (or maybe you see it as a good form of exercise!) But having a hamper/drawer/cupboard downstairs with a change mat, nappies and the other essentials means you have everything on hand you could need if your little one catches you unawares and you don’t want to carry their very cute but explosive poop bum up the stairs.

I also find trying to be tidy and having some organisation helps keep my mind tidy too. I know that we say when you’re baby is born not to worry about the washing up, don’t worry about getting dressed etc. and I do agree with that but I think once those extremely hazy few weeks pass if you can try and find a routine with your house you will feel like you have some control. For example, have a washing day(s), try to put those clothes away when they’re ready then when you wake bleary eyed you’ll know exactly where to find what you’re looking for. I tend to put my washing on a timer so that it starts at about 5am and then Whilst Tayo eats breakfast the cycle has finished and I can take it all out and start getting it dried. I’m quite the domestic goddess. Not.


I am not the best person to talk to you about self care so I won’t make this section about that but I will make it about quick tips to make your days a little bit easier. I tend to wash my hair at night. I put Leo to bed (It’s always ‘Mommy put me to bed’) and then I get straight in the shower. By the time it comes for me to go to bed it’s usually dried by itself or I can give it a quick blast to finish it off.

Learn a quick hair style. If I’ve fallen by the weigh side in washing my hair at night and I wake up with it looking dreadful, I tend to plait it. A spritz of (must have) dry shampoo, put it in two plaits and secure together at the back with a few grips. That or the bouffant pony tail. In my opinion sometimes the messier the better… ‘dragged through a bush’ is a really in look at the moment 😉

Find a quick make up routine. Now that I am on the school run every day I’ll admit I feel a certain pressure to actually look half decent when I drop Leo off and I have fallen into an easy routine that goes something like this: Two slicks of concealer under each eye and one on my chin (and any other problem areas that have arisen over night). A quick flick of bronzer followed by a a wave of blush on my cheeks. I have a browny gold eyeliner (it’s one of those that can be used as a eyeshadow too) that I slick above my lashes over a light neutral shadow. The liner gets a quick smudge, two coats of mascara and a dab of lip balm. It literally takes me about 6 minutes. Sure I don’t look flawless but I at least look 60% less tired than I did before I put it on.

And the biggest hack of all… Accept help when and if it is offered. Whether it’s a friend bringing food, your mum watching the baby so you can have an hour to nap, a neighbour popping to the supermarket and asking if you need anything. Take it. They wouldn’t offer if they didn’t want to help.

So there you go, a few hacks to try and make your life a bit easier when you’re finding it a bit tough.

Are you a sleep deprived tired Mum? What hacks do you have that I need to know to make things easier? Share them ALL with me!