Today’s post came after a team discussion on nakedness. Don’t worry, we are not about to promote the virtues of naturism but instead it is on the subject of being naked in front of your children.

I would assume this is the most natural thing in the world to most of you and like me you probably wouldn’t even give it a thought. Why should you?

However, Laura’s friend admitted that he only ever bathed with his children whilst wearing his swimming trunks. When questioned it was partly because he felt his might be strange to be naked in front of his kids but also it was much more to do with the fact that his daughter kept going for his private parts!!! We all laughed but it got us talking about why should he feel like that and why people feel differently about being naked in front of their kids.

I’ve never bothered about it. They watch me get changed and love nothing better than mummy joining them for a bath. I must admit now they are bigger this idea of a shared bath is much less appealing. I am used as a slide, climbed on and spend most of the time frankly feeling bloody freezing. Why is it that we sit in a luke warm bath just to keep our children happy?!! It also results in all manner of pointing and asking of questions like the following.

“Mummy what are those wobbly bits by your arms. The things that always wobble like jelly?”. For a moment I thought she meant my bingo wings! Um, “boobies”.

Edd also gets changed in front of the girls and doesn’t find nakedness an issue but I think he finds it a bit uncomfortable when they ask questions. He’s not ready for answering those yet 🙂

So how do you feel about the whole ‘naked’ issue? And as your children get older do you feel you should stop bearing all?

I shall leave you with Laura’s words of wisdom “If you’ve pushed them out through your *insert whatever word you’re comfortable with here* then a bit of bathing isn’t going to hurt.”