Elle has been asking for a pink scooter and a pink helmet for Christmas for a really long time. Given that her heart is set on it and for previous years, we’ve been pretty restrained when it comes to presents, I think she’ll most definitely be waking up to a scooter shaped package on Christmas morning. But which one? I’ve searched high and low for the best (asked the team) and here’s what I’ve found…


{The Micro Mini Duluxe Scooter} This one has five star reviews on John Lewis and comes in a great range of colours. Micro put the scooters through an rigorous testing process (watch the video on their website). I also like the fact that they offer replacement parts and are a UK based company.

{The Globber Primo Fantasy Scooter} This one is a strong contender – not only is it pink, but the wheels LIGHT UP. I mean what more could you want from a scooter?!


While on our quest for the perfect scooter, we came across a plethora of balance bikes. The chat amongst the team is that these are fab and their kids love riding them. Plus they are great training for riding an actual bike when they get bigger.

{The Kiddimoto Kurve} I’m obsessed with the skull print on this one and it looks really sturdy.

{Bobbin Bikes} You can blame Lottie for these, as I discovered them via her previous post on scooters and bicycles. Aren’t they just beautiful?! If you’re after something that looks stunning as well as performing well, then Bobbin Bikes are the ones for you.

{Strider} These fab bikes were recommended by Amy and I’m totally sold – a product that encourages confidence and is loved by both little ones to bigger kids is perfect in my book. Plus the entry level bike is only £66 and comes in the preferred shade of pink 😉 (and how adorable is Murray here…)


{Foxrider Tricycle} Lottie’s fault again – this gorgeous yellow tricycle by Foxrider will take some beating on the aesthetic front.

{Wishbone Design} This one is actually a bargain as it turns from a tricycle into a balance bike. So with a bit of care, it should last for at least four years! Definitely one for the grandparents to splash out on for babies first Christmas.

{Scuttlebug} If your little one is quite little, then a scuttle bug might be a nice choice – Elle’s far too big and boisterous for one of these now, but adored playing with them at the childminders when she was smaller.


Does anyone have any other suggestions I need to have on my radar? I’m pretty certain we’ll be opting for a scooter this Christmas, then perhaps a balance bike next year.

Header image by WE ARE // THE CLARKES