The magic number? Well it’s three according to De La Soul… but to me, I think it’s probably two. Or maybe it is three? I change my mind like the wind.

Pretty much immediately after Tayo was born I was like yep… Let’s get another one of these bad boys. I even felt like that six months in to his lovely little life but of late… hell NO. Maybe it’s the sleep deprivation? Maybe it’s finding my mojo a bit again back at work… Maybe it’s finally feeling like I can start rebuilding my body again… Maybe it’s because I find two really hard work and I now feel that I simply wouldn’t cope with a third. But man, they are so flippin’ adorable when the going is good. My heart skips a beat at the thought of a third little human running around but my brain wants to slap my heart for feeling like that because frankly, it’s a bit fried and barely functioning on a daily basis as it is.

So I guess today’s post is just me being nosey really. How many do you have? Did you stop at one or did you carry on until you had five and then decided to call it a day? I think that magic number is different for everyone I just don’t know how you decide when ‘you’re done’.

How did you decide? Was it money? Was it time? Was it actually that you’re super Mom and can totally manage four little rug rats running around your feet so why the hell not?

Please share… can’t wait to hear all your reasonings/well thought out decisions/little accidents πŸ˜‰