This post was supposed to be all about Baby’s First Christmas. However … and I’m going to sound like a right Scrooge when I say this … for his first Christmas poor Jenson will only be getting one token present. The reason being that for Lyra’s first Christmas, we spent a crazy amount of money on toys and keepsakes, but on the day all she was interested in was the satsuma at the bottom of her stocking. She crawled around clutching this satsuma all day and wouldn’t even let go of it during her first Christmas dinner.

What’s more, being the second child, Jenson already has what seems like all the toys under the sun. So Rich and I have decided that other than one token present for him, which will definitely be of the loud and plastic variety (his favourite toys at the moment are the Fisher Price remote control toy and an all-singing-all-dancing-all-flashing drum), we will be saving presents for poor J-Dogg until he’s a little older.

As such it made more sense to ask the team what they will be stuffing into their littles’ stockings, come the night before Christmas.


For me the stocking is about a few small fun objects that don’t cost much. Leo has a little digital watch (bagged in a sale for £2.50!), some unpoppable bubbles, chocolate coins and a Hexbug to add to his collection. I always put a clementine is as well because it’s something my Mom always did.

Tayo has the same bubbles, a flashing ball, a plush peppa pig toy and a book!


I had to check in with the big guy to see what was going into B’s stocking as that’s his area of expertise. He’s said the following is in the bag, but her much dreamed of Woody and Buzz Lightyear dolls are dependent on continued good behaviour. Two matchbox mice to add to her growing Maileg collection, pretty hair bows, the Believe Bell from the ever magical Polar Post, a Fingerling (because there has to be some plastic tat right?), yummy chocolate coins, a wooden bracelet making tin, a fairy doll, vests and a magnetic dressing up set. 


I’ve made the mistake in recent years of buying too many little bits for the stockings and then realising they won’t actually all fit in! This year I’ve scaled it back so they all fit in neatly. We use the stockings for small things and then the main presents from Santa are left by the tree so I tend to stock up on stuff throughout the year that I think the girls will like. This year their stockings are being stuffed with hairclips, socks and some sweet necklaces. Then crafty things like stickers sheets (Paperchase are great), glitter glue and new stamps and stamp pads. There are a few toys like a small lego set, disney figure and of course a new cuddly toy to poke out the top. Finally, there are the obligatory chocolate coins, milky bar buttons and ‘a baby orange’, as Alice calls them. Luckily it’s the one fruit she actually likes so she won’t mind that being stuck at the bottom!

Oh, one other thing…

Last year the girls started questioning why Mummy and Daddy don’t get a stocking from Santa so we now we get one too! It’s actually lots of fun choosing a few fun bits for each other and it means the chocolate collection normally gets topped up too! 


Stockings, right well. In each of the children stocking they will find, without fail a satsuma, chocolate coins and a £1 coin. A couple of years ago I introduced personalised pencils into the stocking stash with a small book to draw in. I also pop in small toys that will entertain them for that horrid, sleepy time between them waking at crazy o’clock until an acceptable time to come downstairs.  A mini Princess for Meade, a mini lego kit for each of the boys, and a pair of novelty Christmas socks for them all to pop on straight away. 

The stockings are hung on the mantle but carried up by Father Christmas and placed on their beds. When the children wake, they are allowed to come in to us with them and, time depending, they can either open them then, 5 in a bed or will get marched to bed zzzzzz.


Lyra’s stocking fillers have a distinctly unicorn theme to them. We’ve bought her some unicorn slippers (complete with pom-pom tail), a unicorn lip balm and on Christmas Eve she will be allowed to open one present – some unicorn pyjamas. (Gotta look vaguely presentable for those silly-o’clock Christmas morning snaps).

There are also a couple of non-unicorn bits and bobs: a new hairband, bubbles, chocolate coins, and her beloved satsuma. My stepmum used to pop a novelty toothbrush into our stockings and I reckon Lyra will be over the moon with this My Little Pony one. As it flashes no doubt Jenson will take a shine to it too.

What will your kids be finding in their stockings on the big day?

If it’s your baby’s first Christmas, are you going all out on the gifts? Or are you being a bit Bah Humbug like me?!


Header Image by Adam Crohill