This post will be old news to some of you but for others prepare to have your socks blown off with the simple piece of information I am about to impart. It is all to do with those little envelope folds on the shoulders of baby vests and bodysuits that I though gave you a bit more manoeuvrability to pull it over their heads. If you know the secret then you are probably shouting ‘how did you not know this’ at me but if you don’t know then read on.

Let me set the scene. Your darling baby has just done one of those explosive nappies. The sort that seeps all up their backs soaking every item of clothing and leaving you holding your nose and dreading what’s to come. This is when you need to know the one parenting trick that seems to be part of some secret club.

If you are like me you would then proceed to carefully peel the vest off your baby, all the while getting poo smeared further over their back, in their hair and to be honest, all over you! I challenge you to remove said vest over the head without doing this. Believe me I tried on multiple occasions and it was not easy.

Now had I been told of this simple parenting trick many moons ago I would have saved myself a lot of bother and a lot of baths!

It isn’t even anything secret, but in fact what the vests were designed to do but for some reason most people don’t know. Me included.

Now prepare yourselves for this simple trick.

As I previously mentioned the trick involves those little foldy flaps on the shoulders of a baby vest? They are not in fact just some fashion design but instead they have a purpose.

When faced with a messy nappy and soaked vest all you need to do is unpop the bottom poppers, roll the vest down over the shoulders and pull it off over their feet. It’s that easy. No mess, no pooey hair and no need for extra baths.

And there you have my little life changing trick for today.

For those of you who already knew did you find out before or after having babies and for those who didn’t know you can thank me later 🙂

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Image by We Are // The Clarkes