To say I was obsessed with making sure Elle napped when she was little is probably an understatement. It was the centre of our whole existence for a really long time and my attitude towards it could be described as a complete waste of energy. She’s never been a particularly routine child and I’m not sure why I was so hell bent on making sure she slept.

Oh the benefit of hindsight. It would have saved hours of me pushing the pram around, shhhhhing and rocking her in a darkened room, attempting to feed her into oblivion and just generally being a bit of a d*ck. In that blur of a first year, I fretted about sleep SO much, googling ‘how much sleep should a 5/6/7/8 month old have during the day?’ You know those articles that suggest earlier naps, catching the baby before they get too tired, putting them down before they start rubbing their eyes? Sleep breeds sleep. Yep I read them, and actually believed them. Hahahahahahahaha. HA. I don’t know if any of the authors of those post have ever actually met a baby?!? But the one thing I DO know is that they never do what you want them to. Well Elle certainly didn’t anyway!

Now I’m a little further down this motherhood journey, I realise that Elle is a sleep fighter through and through, and will sleep whenever she damn well pleases.

Those silly hours spent stressing over when was the right time to drop her nap were pointless. It just kind of happens, like with weaning, like with crawling and walking, they all just do it at some point. And it’s usually a different point for each child too. Truth be told, I now can’t even remember when Elle went from three naps to two, to one.

Now we’re reaching new territory – the no nap days. And OMG it’s like walking a tight rope. All hell starts to break lose at around 4pm and if you let them fall asleep on the sofa – then be prepared for a long night ahead with a toddler who won’t go to bed.

Depending on what we’ve been doing during the day, sometimes Elle will nap after lunch (never happily, there’s always a fight) but more often than not these days, she’ll go straight through until bedtime.

No more speed cleans of the house while she snoozes, no more power-hours on my laptop, catching up with emails and finishing off blog features. But on the flip side, if she doesn’t nap then bedtime is usually a far more pleasant experience. I’d say the battles we have about going to bed rival Lolly and Hector’s battles over food…honestly, toddlers! Who’d have them?!

Image by Divine Day from Hosten & Georgia’s Bedroom Tour