These pages are always jam packed with all manner of loveliness for the littles but us mamas deserve a little treat now and again too. Specifically those new mums who are surviving in a daze of sleepless nights after the arrival of their new little bundle of joy.

When a new little baby enters the world it is all too easy to get carried away with the serious cuteness that is out there with everything from teeny tiny outfits to the cutest cuddlies. A while back we shared our favourite gifts for newborns but today we are focussing on the mums. They’ve just done a lot of hard work after all.

I can personally say that those little gifts that were given to me made all the difference and were so appreciated. Here’s a round up of the favourite gifts for new mums that the team has received or given. And if you are looking for more gift ideas check out Rock My Style for gifts for your best girls and Rock My Wedding for thank you gifts for your bridesmaids.


A simple one but you can’t go wrong with flowers. Something super pretty to brighten a room and make you smile. You may think they will have loads but that’s not always the case. Lolly only had one bunch, some pretty freesias, and she loved them so much. Visit a cute local florist or if you need to post I rate John Lewis or Bloom & Wild for their pretty displays.


Let’s face it, most new mums spend a large amount of time in PJs. I know I did. Go for comfort rather than all out glamour as they are most likely going to be worn sat on the sofa and soon covered with copious amounts of sick and digestive biscuit crumbs. I really rate The Rosie range at M&S, especially the soft jersey sets. For super comfies Hush is always a good option and have lots of lovely buttoned pairs which are ideal for breastfeeding (also in the sale now!). This new Mama design from The Bright Company and Selfish Mother are fabulous. Plus £10 from every sale will be donated to WaterAid.

A Spa Treat

This was by far one of the loveliest things I received for me. A spa voucher is such an amazing gift. Yes, I didn’t get to use it straight away (actually 6 months) but the thought that it was there waiting for me made me do a little happy dance inside. When Molly was 6 months I was able to leave her for a morning of pampering and preening and it felt sooooo good. A touch more pricey but my work friends clubbed together and bought it so this is a great group gift.

Mama Bag

These new Mama bags from Jem and Bea are just the best. Super cute in the softest leather and I adore the bold design. Ideal for keeping all the essentials close at hand and their is also a sweet Baba version available in wipe clean fabric for all those baby bits and pieces.

Survival Kit

I’ve been known to pop together a little survival kit for friends. It’s a great fun way of putting together a few treats for mum (and Dad!) – sort of like a new mummy hamper. I pop in some magazines, a good DVD box set, a nice lip balm and bubble bath, a cute bobble water bottle (you get seriously thirsty), chocolate and some champers. You can choose whatever you like but it’s a nice way to put together a few of the essentials. I also package it in a sweet storage basket or bag that can then be used in the nursery.


Sometimes just a little note to let them know you are there to help is all it takes. Lolly found this card and it is just perfect! Or how about a cute print like this ‘Naps Fix Everything’ from Sarah and Bendrix. I also need this ‘Baby Notes‘ notebook, although mine needs to say 4 year old notes, as I’ve been rubbish at remembering everything they say and do.

Netflix Subscription

If this is there first baby they will probably watch A LOT of tv. If it’s their second they are mostly likely to be watching CBeebies in the day but fingers crossed they get some non Mr Tumble TV in the evenings. If they haven’t already got one a Netflix subscription for a few months is a great idea. So much choice to keep you entertained during those early weeks.

Newborn Shoot Vouchers

This is the loveliest gift to get from a group of you. A way of documenting those precious first few weeks and months. Find a lovely local photographer and your friend will have some gorgeous memories of that little newborn. Have a peek at our post on the best time to have a newborn photoshoot as well.


A very small gift but a lovely one for a sentimental friend is a paper from the day the baby was born. Most new parents won’t think to go out and buy one as they will be slightly busy with other things but this is a really cute little gift. If baby is born at five to midnight it may not be so easy but there are all the wonders of ordering back papers available on the internet now or ask your local store if they still have a copy.

Meals on Wheels

This is one for those of you who love the kitchen. Make some meals and package them all up ready for the freezer. Simple meals like casseroles or chilli that can be taken out and simply reheated will be a lifesaver. I think I survived on sandwiches and crips (and cake!) for some time, especially once Edd went back to work. I have also been known to bake a batch of cupcakes and cookies for new mums. You can just buy them obviously! These are perfect for the constant stream of visitors that will be arriving when you suddenly realise you have nothing to offer them. Or obviously just as good to keep your friends sugar levels up!

Nice Smellies

Most new mums will be lucky if they get more than 5 minutes in a bath. I remember running numerous hot bubbly baths only to sink in only for Edd to walk in with a crying baby who needed feeding. However, a shower was possible (at least once a week!) so some gorgeous shower creams were much appreciated. Fern said it made her feel like she was at the spa. Believe me, it is the little things! Lorna was lucky enough to receive a huge hamper of Benefit goodies from her work colleagues and said it was AMAZING.

Meals Out

Once baby is able to be left it’s lovely to treat your friend to a nice lunch or dinner out. Lolly’s friends did this for her and she said it was amazing. So nice to have a few hours out, catch up with friends and have a good old natter. Also, more often than not they will be watching the pennies so it’s a lovely treat.

Clothes Vouchers

How about some vouchers for their favourite clothes store. I know I certainly felt like a right frump after having the girls and this is a lovely way to give your friend a little pick me up. So whether they are a Topshop girl or a touch of Boden this is sure to be well received. Plus they can do their shopping from the comfort of the sofa and just await the postman!
Did you receive any lovely gifts as a new mum or what have you given friends that they loved?