Babies need so much paraphernalia. So much. Even a quick dash to the supermarket becomes a mammoth mission and requires military precision packing. So what are the changing bag essentials that you need?

I used to chuck everything in the changing bag and then couldn’t find the things I needed or had forgotten the one thing I deemed essential for that moment in time. A bit of forward planning (or packing) means that you can stock your changing bag ready for any outing.

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  • Changing Bag – This is a fun purchase. Changing bags have seriously upped their style game since I chose Molly’s. There is even a sort of style hierarchy with brands that rival Mulberry. You need to choose a bag that suits your lifestyle and don’t forget it doesn’t have to be an ‘official’ changing bag. I was always a bit taken with the Storksak’s and this grey version is rather lovely. Make sure you have plenty of pockets and an easy clean interior. You can read about Charlotte’s favourite Laessig changing bag here.
  • Roll/Fold/Disposable up changing mat – Some sort of changing mat is a must. Many bags come with a mat or you can buy your own. When you are out you want to make sure you have somewhere to place your baby rather than on the floor.
  • Baby Wipes – Always make sure you have a pack of baby wipes. They are great for everything from nappy changing to cleaning up mucky faces. I found the travel packs handy as they were a bit smaller and lighter.
  • Nappies – Make sure you have at least 4 nappies with you. As they get older you will need less but as a newborn you could get through a whole pack in the blink of an eye.
  • Nappy bags – Pack a few nappy bags for disposing of any smellies or just in case there isn’t a bin nearby and you have to keep them in your bag. Believe me, it happens.
  • Cotton Wool – In the early stages you may choose to use cotton wool and water rather than wipes. Pop some in a little bag for easy storage.
  • Nappy cream/vaseline – Everyone has their own favourite nappy cream. I had vaseline and also bepanthen in the early months.
  • Spare vest and baby gro – Or maybe two! More often than not that beautiful outfit you dressed your little one in will be ruined before you make it to your destination.
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  • Muslin – A changing bag staple.
  • Bib – If you are bottle feeding or at weaning stage then a little bib is required.
  • Spare breast pads – For the breast feeding mummas these will be something you get through a lot of.
  • Formula pods – Great for ensuing you have the next feed ready to go.
  • Enough bottles for the time you will be out – Work out how many feeds you will need during your time out and probably pack a spare.
  • Insulated bottle bag – Ideal for a quick trip out when you want to keep the bottle warm until the next feed.
  • Spare Dummy – If your little one has a dummy we all know what can happen if the dummy goes missing.
  • Rattle/Toy – Take a favourite toy or comforter out with you for nap times or general soothing/entertainment.
  • Hand Sanitiser – This little bottle will be used a lot. We always had a few travel sized ones lying around.
    Is there anything I have forgotten?