One of my favourite memories of Christmas as a child was the hours my sister and I would spend deciding on exactly what it was that was going to be making its way in to our annual letter to the jolly man in the red suit. We would spend hours pouring over my mums catalogues (Kay’s anyone?) and folding down corners or adding felt tip stars by the favoured items. We would then carefully, and in our neatest writing, begin our letter adding all manner of pictures, glitter and general sparkle before carefully folding it and posting it up the chimney above a lit fire.

I now know why my mum insisted on us reading the letter out to her before it flittered it’s way up to the North Pole. How on earth do you know what your children really want otherwise? Case in point, Molly is still desperately upset that Father Christmas did not bring her the mermaid Barbie she had carefully written in her pre-school letter to Father Christmas. I did not get said letter till January!

Despite endless lists of toy possibilities I am a bit at a loss of what to get as the girls have soooooo much. We thought it would be fun to share what we are all buying our little one’s this year in order to provide you with a touch of inspiration. And if you need a bit of inspiration, or a page to leave open for some handy hints, then head over to Rock My Style where the team are sharing exactly what they really wish Santa would be bringing them.


As I mentioned above the girls have so many toys, it’s ridiculous. Also, with two girls we don’t really need anything for Alice as such. However, they are at ages (3 and 5) where they really get Christmas and love the whole present thing. I try desperately not to spoil them but it is hard. There is just too much cuteness around. For their main presents this year they are both having a new bike. I desperately wanted to get them the uber cute and instagrammable Bobbin Bike but all they really wanted was a bike with a dolls seat and tassels on the handlebars so that’s what they’ve got. It is about them after all. They will then get a few toys from Santa with the aforementioned mermaid Barbie being a definite. There may also be a few Sylvanians slipped in and some Lego for Daddy to build with them. I am also planning a few things for Alice’s newly decorated room and this Mamas and Papas cloud cushion may have slipped in to my basket.


Elle is always throughly spoilt at Christmas by both sets of family, then for her birthday on 12th Jan, so Matt and I tend to buy her things that she needs or that we know she’ll get lots of pleasure from. First up, a new all-in-one waterproof suit. I may splash out and get her one from Muddy Puddles as the first one we had from them has been great and lasted many hours of play on the beach. She’s also obsessed with a set of old Russian Dolls that Matt used to play with when he was little, so we’d like to get her a set of her own (mainly because Matt doesn’t want her to destroy his)! If any one has recommendations for nice sturdy wooden ones that would be much appreciated. And finally, her obsession with being a Mummy to all of her dollies continues so this doll’s bed from Edit 58 and Coco & Wolf has her name all over it.


Anabelle’s wooden dolls house went down a storm last year. So we’re thinking of extending her creative play with a wooden kitchen or shop. These from Asda are such a steal at £35-£50.

As for the boys we literally haven’t got a clue what to buy them or in fact if they need anything. Elliott has mentioned having a really nice watch and whilst I would love to indulge and buy him one, I worry that it could get lost or stolen when he’s at school. Similarly Joseph has been asking for a mobile phone since forever and although I like the idea of me being able to call him when he’s out, I don’t like really want him to be constantly accessible by his friends. I genuinely miss the days when they asked for action figures and puzzles.


We’re considering buying Hector a scooter this year or rather more specifically this one. Originally we thought about purchasing it for his birthday but knowing how spoilt he would be by friends and family and the fact that we’d already bought him a tipi, we thought that perhaps it was a bit excessive to give him a scooter on top. So the scooter was transferred to the Christmas list along with some beautiful books, some T-Lab wooden figurines, and perhaps something ‘Hey Duggee’ inspired (he’s obsessed with the programme!). And that’s pretty much it if I’m honest. He’s two and spoilt rotten generally so he really doesn’t need anything else.

Laura {Rock My Wedding}

Bertie Button specifically asked for a scooter a couple of months ago, so I’m hoping by the time Christmas days rolls around she will be thrilled to find this under the tree! We’ve also got her a whole host of lovely books, a wooden Doctors Set, and a homemade Advent Calendar stuffed full of wooden T-Lab animals and chocolate treats. I mustn’t forget that a “princess dress” is top of her wishlist too!

Lisa {Rock My Style}

I literally cannot wait for Christmas with Lyra this year. She’s two-and-a-half and although I thought she would ‘get’ it last year, I don’t really think she did, considering that when she came downstairs on Christmas morning to find the kitchen that Santa had brought her, she just started playing with it rather than getting all excited as we expected her to! But this year, I reckon she definitely understands. This is based on her saying, at pretty much advert that comes on the tv, ‘Ooh, maybe Santa will buy me that for Christmas!’ and looking up at us with big doe eyes. Her main Christmas present this year is going to be a bike. I’ve heard good things about balance bikes so we will probably go for something like this, in pink of course. I also picked up a train set at the recent Aldi toy event, and I’m hoping to find her some new books. Both of us enjoy the Julia Donaldson ones (love a beautiful illustration and a good rhyme) so if any of you lovely RMF readers have any suggestions please let me know.
What are your little one’s going to be receiving this year? Also, I’m after some advice please whilst we are at it. Do you say all the presents are from Father Christmas or are some from Mummy and Daddy too? How do you choose which ones? Edd thinks the bikes should be from us but I think they should be from Santa. What do you think? Thanks!