I have just realised my little girl starts school this year. I may be a bit scared. How on earth have the last 4 years gone so quickly?

For most of you with school age children you will probably have just gone through the school selection process and submitted your application for your chosen schools. Choosing a school is a bit like a lottery and you just don’t know what the outcome will be. You spend all this time deliberating and deciding and then you wait. It’s quite nerve wracking.

I will admit that I only completed my application at the last minute. I thought I’d done it and then when checking for the confirmation email realised that I hadn’t. Oops!

We are very lucky that we have a lovely little school in the village where we live. Rated as Good by Ofsted and improving all the time. There is lots of investment in the school and the teachers are all great. The fact that it is in walking distance is a definite plus (especially when you see the parking situation in the morning!).

They have a fantastic pre-school there which Molly has attended for the last year. It was a difficult process getting her to actually enjoy going. The first few months were extremely hard with lots of tears and dragging of heels from Molly. Now she skips off quite happily and has so much fun. I wonder if perhaps she was just a bit young, only just 3, when she got thrown in to this big school environment but she has settled in really well.

The benefit of this is that she is used to the school and the teachers. The pre-school get involved in all the main school activities such as assembly, plays and sports day. They also eat their lunch with all the ‘big’ children. When she goes in to the reception class she will still be in the same area as her pre-school so it won’t feel too strange and will have many of the same teachers she has been with up until now.

I am writing the above as if she has actually got in. And I really do hope she does. You see I only applied to the one school. Was this a mistake? I sincerely hope not but all being well her chances of getting accepted are high and we are very lucky in this respect. Knowing the school means I was aware that there are currently plenty of spaces for the Reception class. Obviously if they get an influx of applications this may not be the case. I sincerely hope I am not tempting fate by writing this.

On paper we meet most of the requirements. We live in the village, Molly is already involved in the school and ,being a CofE school, Molly is Christened. This final point is one that I know causes a lot of issues for many parents as lots of C of E schools do still use this as a deciding factor.

I feel quite lucky that I haven’t had to trail round lots of schools to see if we like them or asked numerous questions about curriculum and teaching. I have seen friends go through this and then be left distraught when they don’t get their first choice. It really is heartbreaking as really you just want to give your child a good start. Blimey, many people I know move when the children are little specifically to get in to a certain school and I know certain areas of the country are beyond competitive for spaces. It is crazy. We didn’t specifically move to our house because of the school but knowing we were planning on starting a family meant that the fact that the village had a good school was a definite bonus.

So the point to all my ramblings was how did you find the school application process and are you on tenter hooks waiting to find out? Or if your little’s are a long way off school are you already thinking about catchment areas when it comes to houses?