Easter is one of the main events in our house, along with Christmas, Halloween and birthdays. The girls ask, ‘When is Easter?’ constantly. I’m pretty confident it has a lot to do with the copious amounts of chocolate bestowed on them and the prospect of a little hoppy bunny leaving treats dotted around the garden for them to find. Last year they then went to our neighbours’ for a second egg hunt (Easter Bunny had been there, too!) and then to Nanny and Grandad’s house where the chickens had laid real chocolate eggs! The goodies lasted them pretty much until the end of the year.

So when notonthehighstreet.com asked us if we wanted to put together some ideas for an Easter egg hunt with a difference, we jumped at the chance. Lorna’s gorgeous Anabelle also rather enjoyed helping us with the preparations (apologies to Lorna for any over-consumption of chocolate that occurred). This year I’m thinking that when Easter Bunny visits our house, it won’t just be to deliver chocolate eggs. Yes, there will be eggs (it wouldn’t be Easter without them) but I’ve devised a few ideas for the egg hunt to make it that little bit more fun and engaging for them – everything from clues to follow, to having no chocolate eggs at all! I hope it gives you a bit of inspiration for your own Easter Day activities, so here goes…

1. Get Ready

First up, get organised. Where are you going to hold the hunt? Will it be your garden? Or in the lounge if the great British weather doesn’t play ball? Or how about a trip to a local park or woods? All you need to do is make sure you have 10 minutes before the kids arrive to get it all set up. You obviously don’t want to leave things outside overnight for any curious foxes to find. We always have a little bag or basket for the girls to collect their treasures in. This year I might go all out and opt for a personalised bag so there’s no fighting over whose basket is whose at the end. Make sure you have signage and decor ready to help guide the kids from A to B. And try to remember where you have hidden all the treats.

2. Party Time

Who says the hunt has to be for your own children only? Why not make it into a fun Easter party by sending out invites to friends, family and neighbours inviting them all along to join in? After all, the more the merrier. Or just make it special for your own children by leaving them their very own invite from the Easter Bunny.

3. Fancy Dress Hunt

There is nothing cuter than some little bunnies running round your garden. Whether you opt for a full on bunny costume, a sweet rabbit print dress or just some bunny ears, it all adds to the magic.

4. Follow The Clues

Kids adore following a treasure hunt to find the goodies. Use easy clues to help them locate where the treats are hidden. Make sure there are adults or big kids on hand to help the little ones. This personalised clue set is brilliant and will definitely be finding its way to our house on Easter morning.

5. Letter Hunt

Rather than hiding eggs, why not hide letters around the garden for the children to find? They then all need to work together at the end to figure out what the word or phrase is (‘Happy Easter’, for example). Adults can join in and help if the kids are little, although I’m not sure I would be much more use! Anyway, once the children have worked out the word or phrase, they all get a prize. It’s an excellent way of keeping things fair and avoiding chocolate overload.

6. Toy Trail

As an alternative to chocolate you could hide one adorable little toy for each child. Think cute crochet bunnies or the sweetest bunny crackers – something they can keep and play with afterwards rather than devour in seconds. And remember, there are endless hiding places from blossom trees to primrose patches.

7. Special Rewards

Rather than hiding treats, you could pin up little notes with rewards that the children can redeem at a later date. It could be a nice bedtime story and hot chocolate, or a movie night and popcorn. It’ll give them something to look forward to when the Easter weekend’s over.

8. Easter Bunnies Shop

Hide coins (real or toy ones) around the garden, and at the end the children can come and ‘spend’ it in Easter Bunny’s shop. The shop could contain everything from chocolate eggs to cuddly toys and each child gets to choose what they would like. It’s a great way of providing things for a whole age range and making sure everyone gets something they love.

9. Balloon Hunt

This is a great option for the little kids as the balloons are used as markers for where the eggs are hidden. Plus, how cute are these bunny rabbit balloons? It creates a fun trail for them to follow whilst ensuring they don’t miss a single treat.

10. Picnic

Have a picnic set up where the kids can enjoy their lovely bounty. They need to bring any finds back to the blanket to be shared by everyone meaning equal treats for all (and us parents!). Blankets and cushions will make it super cosy after all that hunting, and make sure there is tea and cake for the grownups. You deserve something delicious, too!
Are any of you planning an Easter egg hunt? Any great ideas or tips you can share with us? Namely, how do you stop the kids eating all the eggs in one go?!!

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