I don’t know about your tots but Hector is one of the dippiest kids I know when it comes to paying attention to whatever he’s physically doing at that exact time if there’s older kids about.

Yes it’s super cute that he’s so fascinated that he literally cannot take his eyes off them but the consequences often mean that we have tears when he inevitably falls over or walks into something without looking. I don’t think I’ve ever heard myself say so much ‘look what you’re doing Hector’ to no avail. The kid can’t (won’t?) help it.

Ste initially accused me of being a bit of a helicopter mum and he was probably right to say so in the early days. It was just that Hector seemed so much smaller, so much more fragile that I couldn’t help myself being within an arm’s distance to cushion any fall that I could see happening from a mile off. My internal monologue seemed to constantly say ‘it will all end in tears’ and sometimes it did. Now that he’s approaching two years old I’ve relaxed a tiny bit and don’t feel the need to hover quite so much…except when Ste is encouraging him to go up a slide that’s monstrously large. Heart palpitations aren’t even the half of it!

The other saving grace is that I’ve now beefed up the First Aid Box considerably and feel ever so slightly more prepared for any calamities that will inevitably pop up. This has in part come from experience after a incident with a 13 month old Hector and my mum’s coffee table ending up in a cut eyebrow that was patched up three friends from my NCT group who incidentally happened to be a doctor and two paramedics. Handy eh?!

Seriously though I felt like such a sh*t mum when it happened (although there was nothing to stop a toddler determined to pirouette next to a giant slab of walnut) and his tiny scar on his eyebrow is a daily reminder of this. So I guess this post is really just to share what I have in my first aid box and see if I can pick up any hints and tips from you mamas in case I’m missing something.

First Aid Box Essentials

Steri Strips & Dressings

A natural starting point and one of the first things I picked up when I popped into boots to start equipping myself for life with a rather adventurous boy. I actually chose Boots’ own brand version and although I haven’t used them yet they seem fit for purpose.

I’m not a huge fan of plasters (even as a child) and prefer to let skin heal and breathe on its own. For those cuts needing a bit of extra protection I’ve purchased these Melolin dressing pads which claim that they are highly absorbent and lets skin breathe. It’s worth noting that you’ll probably need some adhesive tape to help secure the dressings in place.

Creams & Ointments

Sudocrem might be a random choice for the first aid kit given that it’s a familiar sight in most nappy bags but Hector tends not to suffer too much from nappy rash. Instead we’ve used it for soothing sore skin (even my mum’s eczema at times) and plastering over scrapes and cuts.

For bites and stings, I’ve invested in E45’s itch relief cream. Perhaps not your usual go to when it comes to itchy things but as Ste tends to react really badly to bites (hot inflamed skin which then scales afterwards) I thought it was worth the investment.


We have both Baby Nurofen and Calpol as standard in our medicine cabinet. Hector seems to respond more effectively to ibuprofen rather than paracetamol (as do I) but I know that there are some childhood illnesses (such as chickenpox) which strongly advise against giving children the former.


We have both creams and sprays when it comes to antiseptics as I like the directionality that a spray offers but Hector adores rubbing in cream. Whatever floats your boat kid.

Frankly you can’t go wrong with a bit of Dettol antiseptic wash which I actually quite like the smell of and Savlon is a true classic with multiple uses.


Aside from having a stethoscope (I wouldn’t actually have the foggiest idea what to do with it) there’s not much by the way of equipment in the kit. Admittedly we do have a small pair of scissors just in case some snipping is required and we’ve invested in a forehead thermometer too as Hector doesn’t take too kindly to those that you insert into the ear or mouth. I’m still undecided about the contactless thermometers; do they really work??

What I am angling for but still have yet to purchase is this rather spiffing looking first aid box from Garden Trading Company. It’s classic and unassuming and does what it says on the tin…literally.

Have you got any vital ingredients that I’m missing from my first aid box essentials and really should have in stock? What’s your absolute go to whenever your little has a minor accident? Why not share your thoughts in the comments box below…