Over the last month I’ve been introducing you to our highly recommended suppliers who feature in our directory The Littles List. If you missed the posts then you can read more over on this post and this post too.

Essentially, The Littles List is a diverse, online directory that has been specially curated by the team behind Rock My Family, bringing together a broad range of suppliers handpicked by us. There are eight categories in the directory and today we’re casting the spotlight onto our Mama category. Each of these wonderful suppliers have been tried and tested to our exacting standards so that we can be 100% sure in recommending their services to you.

Let’s find out some more about them…


Hypnobirthing is a science based, logical approach to childbirth, which teaches you to understand the physiology of birth, along with relaxation techniques which in turn allow your body to work naturally and effectively.

It enables women to understand and work with their bodies which are perfectly designed to give birth naturally. 

MAMACAN Hypnobirthing is a complete antenatal programme that turns on its head the notion that childbirth is something to be feared, and releases the negativity that you have been programmed with from an early age. While Hypnobirthing cannot promise the perfect birth, it informs and empowers you to make the right decisions for you and your baby.

Nicky believes passionately about changing the way society views birth and empowering women to understand their innate ability to give birth and ultimately achieve the best possible outcome for them. She wants to dispel the hippy dippy preconceptions surrounding Hypnobirthing and make it accessible for all.

Check out Mamacan on the The Littles List to find out more about her wonderful service.


When meminio’s founders, Alison and Marie, were children, family time meant bedtime stories, dinner around the table, games of Monopoly and cuddling up with their Dads to watch TV. Life seemed fun and uncomplicated.

As they grew up, they became parents themselves and the modern version of family life meant things had got lost along the way. Together, they realised that others were likely to want to rekindle this feeling too and so they set up meminio to celebrate childhood in a unique way.

All the pictures, certificates and photos floating around the house suddenly had a new purpose. meminio’s Memory Folder and Memory Case create special moments of quality bonding time for families – a way to reflect on and remember school achievements, moments from when they were little, friends and funny stories.

New for SS17 is a new colourway of Small Memory Case, which is now available in cream, and a beautiful Wedding Memory case, also in cream, for keeping all of your precious memories from your big day safe.

Why not check out what they have to offer over on their profile page on The Littles List.

If you’re a supplier interested in appearing in the directory or if there’s someone you just know is the perfect fit for one of our other seven categories then why not drop us an email at hello@thelittleslist.co.uk.