Mabel is what some might call an adventurer. She throws caution to the wind when it comes to taking on a new challenge where the likely outcome is some sort of injury. On a good day she will just inevitably trash her clothes.

Risk-taker, rule-breaker, purveyor of permanently bruised knees. That’s my girl.

I won’t fib, as much as I’m happy she’s happy, and that I firmly believe this “can do/will do” attitude will be a huge positive for her future, the constant washing and ruined outfits are a pain in the arse. Not to mention expensive – what with all the requirements to replace pieces so frequently.

Since we potty trained Mabel I very rarely put her in tights (and thus a dress or skirt) as I don’t want her to struggle with preparing herself quickly enough to have a wee. And if she does don a frock for a special occasion I tend to hunt the sales for quality yet reasonably priced items that I won’t feel are a waste if she doesn’t wear them that often. I’ve found several affordable bits and bobs in the clearance section at Boden.

It goes without saying, that as Mabel spends a lot of her time at nursery, the bulk of her wardrobe is comfortable and practical. But even then, I’m surprised at just what state her stuff comes back in – often to the point of no return. And a two quid top is a two quid top, it’s still chucking money down the proverbial drain.

I’ve found half a solution in clothing that washes at hotter temperatures without shrinking/looking like a dishrag when it comes out of the machine. And corduroy. And generally anything in navy blue – it doesn’t show up the seemingly irremovable tomato stains.

Mabel is never going to be one of these kids who looks perfectly put together in one of these gorgeous boutique-esque outfits. Well she might for five minutes. Before she wipes snot and raspberry juice down her front. I simply live vicariously through my instagram feed (and some of the team’s children’s wardrobes).

Besides I like Next. I’d say out of all the multi packs of cotton tops Next’s have lasted the distance. I’m buying the 5 pack of yellow/green/grey as Mabel’s just about growing out of all her age 2 to 3. She also has this ACE pair of floral corduroy trousers I found in Sainsburys which although admittedly do have an MC Hammer vibe about them, seem to expel dirt and grime. They look brand new and I swear I’ve washed them over 25 times. I bought them ages ago so unfortunately can’t provide a link but I’ve found this purple pair that come in 0 to 24 months.

Shoes wise I am a sales bargain hunter, sometimes buying pairs several sizes bigger because it’s such a saving in the long term. For each “size” she goes up I usually buy one pair of more outdoor shoes (mainly boots) and something a bit prettier for “best”. Recently I scored a pair of brown boots reduced from £43 to £12.50, and some grey patent T-bars reduced from £36 to £11 – both from the Startrite outlet.

I would be really interested to know what your children actually wear (well, most of the time). Do you have clever ways of keeping them clean? (And I don’t mean a waterproof all-in-one, Mabel lives in hers if it’s raining/muddy).

If you’ve washed something and the marks and stains are still very apparent, do you have any magic tricks to remove them?. I’ve tried vanish and soaking stuff pre-wash but that doesn’t always work. I’m really surprised by the mud situation too, I have more issues with it than I do say paint or ketchup.

Any advice would be much appreciated.

(The header image is of Mabel at a shoot we collaborated on with Monsoon. I literally turned my back for 10 seconds and she’d face planted. Good job we had already captured those joggers.)

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