Elle suffers from nappy rash fairly frequently and it can flare up in a matter of hours. It’s often linked to her teething and sometimes it’s so sore she cries her little heart out when you have to change her nappy. It’s horrible and I used to feel so guilty whenever she got it, but unfortunately I’ve found it to be part and parcel of having a baby/toddler and there are lots of things you can do to help prevent and treat nappy rash.

These are the things I’ve found have worked for me…

Top Tips For Avoiding Nappy Rash

– Changes nappies regularly and wherever possible, immediately after they have done a poo. Once you find a brand of nappy and wipe that works for you, stick with it.

– Try to let them have as much nappy free time as possible.

– Don’t put a nappy on a wet bottom. There’s no need to use talc, just a warm towel and air drying is fine.

– Use water and cotton wool for as long as you can. Yes it takes a little longer, those newborn poos are a nightmare, and you have to have more muslins/towels to hand, but I’ve always found a link between using wipes too frequently and Elle getting nappy rash.

– At the first sign of redness, act quickly. Lots of nappy free time and apply the cream/ointment you find works best for your baby. I’ve tried a few different brands, but the ones I like best are Child’s Farm Nappy Cream and Waitrose Baby Bottom Butter (both of which I use on my face too).

– Generally I don’t apply a barrier cream everyday, as I like to let her skin breathe, but I’d be interested to know if anyone does this and what the results have been.

Treating Nappy Rash

– When Elle’s nappy rash really flares up, I try to keep her out of her nappy constantly (where practical) which definitely helps to calm the area down.

– I normally try to stick to natural products where ever possible with Elle, but occasionally, if she’s really sore, sometimes only Metanium will cut it. It’s not natural and I always use it sparingly, but it certainly does the job of healing sore areas, taking redness away and she’s usually back to normal within 24hours or so.

Your Recommendations

Does your little one suffer from nappy rash? Do you have any recommendations for products that work for you? Does anyone have any natural products that can rival Metanium? I’d love to know!

Image by Carrie Lavers Photography