Today we have got a gorgeous room tour for you in the form of Jonnie’s big boy bedroom. Back at the start of Rock My Family we shared Jonnie’s monochrome bedroom and he’s now the lucky recipient of smart new space perfect for relaxing and playing. I’ll hand over to his mum Donna Howell to tell you all about it.

Earlier this year we decided it was time our son, Jonnie B, then aged 6, got a new bed. Shockingly he was still sleeping in his toddler bed but somehow it hadn’t become a problem, until this point, when overnight he had appeared to have had a huge growth spurt.

His room was once my home office pre Jonnie days. It is a lovely south facing light filled room with an original fireplace – it made the perfect nursery six years ago. So, I lost my office and have worked from my dining room ever since.

We all loved his previous room but the reality was by the time we put a new bigger boy bed in the room, it would have left very little space for him to spread out and play. So we decided it was time to give up our much larger guest room come dressing room for Jonnie to get a NEW even more grown up room. So yeah now i’ve lost my dressing room too but i’m in the throws of turning his old room into a rather special place for me to work creatively. So a win win situation all round..even if my shoe storage isn’t what it was!

Jonnie’s new double bedroom is much bigger. Still positioned on the rear of the house therefore still full of light from the large sash window, and boasts an original fireplace, school radiator and shutters.

The main criteria for his room was to provide him with something that was age appropriate but yet he could grow into for as long as we stay here.

We have painted the walls, ceiling, original coving and all woodwork including the window shutters in Farrow & Ball Wevet. Our entire house is painted in this shade – i love it. Its the perfect cool off-white with a grey undertone. Although the colour looks slightly different in each room due to the light, i find it provides a nice seamless flow throughout the property and gives the illusion of more space and openness.

The colour palette in the rest of the room is white, soft pale greys, nudes (yes you can use blush in a boys room – why not?) and a discreet touch of navy with accents of ply wood and basketry to add depth and texture.

The first decision was the bed. I spent weeks deciphering should he have a single or double bed. In the end we opted with the latter and have not regretted the decision once. He absolutely loves his grown up spacious bed and who could blame him. To compliment his white John Lewis bed we went with the amazing Eve Memory Foam mattress. I’ve slept on it a few times purposely to trial it out for our own kingsize bed and I can honestly say its the best nights sleep i’ve ever had. So much so we are investing in one for ourselves shortly. I chose to dress his bed in Toast bedding. Yes grown up some may say but having had Toast bedding ourselves in the past, I know it stands the test of time and so again it’s an investment worth making.

Next up we wanted Jonnie to have somewhere he could sit and do his homework and to spend time doing his first love – drawing! With a heavy heart I sold his Les Gambettes white desk which was now too small for him and invested in the By Alex Design A frame desk. I had worked with Alex earlier in the year and had fallen in love with his effortlessly functional but exceptionally well crafted furniture. When the desk came I seriously wanted to keep it for my own office, however, Jonnie loved it and sits at his desk drawing and generally playing every single day. There’s no way i’m getting my hands on it now. It really is an investment piece that will stand the test of time and hopefully be a piece Jonnie will want to keep when he’s grown up.

I have purposely left his room under accessorised as i wanted it to continue to feel like the large airy room that it is and to look streamlined and unfussy. Art work is kept to a minimum so that Jonnie can pin up his own drawings [with washi tape of course]. It is however personalised with some sketches/prints of Jonnie himself by artists I have found through Instagram.

I also wanted to add some Scandinavian design elements so his room flowed with the rest of the house. So for instance the Normann Copenhagen Bell Lamp, the HAY J77 chair, Muuto dots and the wall lighting by Hübsch.

Finally, you may say well where are all the toys! So ok I’ve mentioned it before and to me storage is KEY. So neatly hidden under Jonnie’s bed are a series of white lego rectangular storage boxes quite literally full of plastic. Larger toys are all housed in Wrong for HAY large tote bags or belly baskets.

We are all really pleased with how his room has turned out. I often find myself sitting in here whilst he’s at school & yep before you ask i’m still hankering after that desk!….

Thanks for reading & all links to stockists are below……

Items and stockists: Bed – John Lewis | Mattress – Eve Memory Foam Mattress | Bedding – Toast | Star cushion – Numero 74 at Molly Meg | Desk – ByAlex | Desk Accessories, Wooden Houses – Mad Lab | Chair – HAY J77 White | Wall Lamps – Hubsch | Pendant Light – Normann Copenhagen Bell Lamp – white size XS at Is To Me | Bench at bottom of bed – Rafa Kids B bench (B90) | White quilted blanket – Numero 74 at Molly Meg | Balloon Mirror – Elements Optimal at Someday Designs | Bedside Table – Ikea | Wooden round wall hooks – Muuto at Tea and Kate | Grey wall pocket storage – Normann Copenhagen at Is To Me | Monkey Poster – Olle Eksell | Line drawing (framed above desk) – Nicolineam | Wooden skittles – The Tipi | Personalised Artwork (Drawing on fireplace) – About Face Illustration | Personalised Artwork (Print above desk in clip) – Sally Shand/Ragdoll Illustrations | Wrong for Hay Got This Licked Bag – HAY | Hanging frames and wooden picture clips – Moebe|