Storage, storage and more storage. It’s what you need when you have children. Somewhere to house everything from clothes to nappies, toys to shoes and pretty much everything in between.

Today I thought I’d share some of my favourite ideas that we have spied on the many room tours we have featured on these pages.


An obvious one but such a good one. Almost every children’s room or nursery we feature has baskets of some sort. They could be popped on the floor and filled with soft toys like in Hector’s nursery or stacked on bookcases so collections of favourite toys can be kept together like in Huey’s eclectic nursery.

{Peg Rails & Hooks}

Lisa started a bit of a peg rail obsession within the team when we saw Jenson’s nursery. It’s a perfect spot for hanging little outfits and also doubles up as a display area. You can find some amazing wall hooks around now and a few cleverly placed hooks provide the perfect hanging spot for clothes or toys. Claire used a sweet bunny hook in her scandi inspired nursery as a space for a mini dressing gown and Walter has a bright set for displaying his vast collection of hats. I always make sure we have a row of hooks on the back of the girl’s bedroom doors for hanging up bags and things.

{Storage Cubes}

As I hunt out alternatives I’ve still gone for the good old Ikea Kallax cube storage in Alice’s room. It’s the perfect place for all her books and toys and you can fit so much in it. In Hosten and Georgia’s room they had a lovely bright red tall version which adds a lovely pop of colour and Skyler has a long version in her nursery to hold all her essentials.

{Chest of Drawers}

A chest of drawers is essential for hiding away and storing all those piles of baby clothes and muslins. I tended to allocate one drawer to each item so tops, bottoms, cardigans, socks etc etc. It made it easy to find everything. I adore Charlotte’s choice that she used to have in Mabel’s room as it shows you don’t have to have a specific children’s piece within a nursery. I am also a big fan of Lisa’s colourful Ikea hack chest of drawers in Lyra’s bedroom.


Great for neatly hanging all the little clothes but one tip is to make as much use of the space as possible. Claire used clever pull out shelves to house extra items in her nursery or you can pop baskets and boxes on shelves or the top like in Jonnie’s bedroom to give lots of extra storage. You could buy a new wardrobe like Lisa did for Jenson’s nursery or paint a wooden one like we did for Alice’s old room.

{Clothes Rail}

When it came to Alice’s bedroom we were faced with an awkward space and didn’t really want to put a wardrobe in so instead opted for a hanging rail for all Alice’s clothes. I love how easy it is to grab her outfits for that day! I do wish that I’d been a bit more creative and gone for a gorgeous woodland rail like the lucky Rufus or you could opt for a sweet free standing version.


Beautiful suitcases and retro trunks are a great way to hide away clutter or store blankets. Rex had a few on top of his wardrobe for storing those little used items.

{Wall Pockets}

I fell in love with this wall pocket in Jonnie’s recent bedroom tour. Ideal for by the bed and cot to store those things you need to get at quickly. It could be muslins and dummies for nighttime or a favourite toy and book for the older kiddies. I also love the hanging fabric pockets for exactly the same reason.


In Walter’s colourful nursery his mum had the clever idea of using an old wooden bottle crate turned on it’s side to store his teeny tiny shoes. The little cubby holes are the perfect size.

How do you keep everything neat and tidy in your little one’s rooms?