Before I begin, this review is not sponsored. Neither can I take any credit for the discovery of this amazing product, I blatantly copied my friend Lisa from NCT who had it first. I saw it, I wanted it and my parents kindly bought it for James and I as a gift.

I’ve written about my short trip Man Bag bargains before but it’ll come as no surprise to you that as soon as weaning was in full swing, Mabel’s paraphernalia increased ten fold – thus resulting in the requirement for an altogether roomier solution.

The Laessig neckline changing bag might actually belong to Mary Poppins, so seemingly never ending is the space and compartments available. I love a good “section” me, there are pockets for nappies, toys, wipes, food, bibs, muslins, spare clothing….and it comes with it’s own pouch that I use for cutlery, a bottle insulation case AND a sizeable travel changing mat. Yet it never seems to be bulky – certainly not compared to other designs that genuinely hold such vast quantities of stuff.

I love the soft grey textured material (purely aesthetic I know but I do have to take it practically everywhere with me) and even though lime green wouldn’t be my first choice of interior hue (!) it’s wipe clean and the contrast against everything I pack inside means I can find exactly what Mabel needs super quick.

The bag isn’t cheap at £109 but for me it’s already been great value, in fact I’d go as far as to say it’s been one of my best ever baby buys.

I’ve recently discovered that you can purchase a sky blue version of the Laessig neckline changing bagvery cool. I am equally impressed by the John Lewis “Mama” model’s pairing of a gold shiny legging with a pixie-esque bootie….

Do share your nappy changing bag best buys and thoughts in the comments box below, I would also love to hear about any “travel” size necessities you would recommend and where to purchase if possible!