So potty training is a barrel of laughs isn’t it?! I feel like we’ve been doing a half arsed job of it for what feels like months. We’re kind of there. But kind of not. Elle is now two and three quarters. She’s been using the toilet at home for a good couple of months. BUT so far, this is only successful when she’s not wearing anything on her bottom half and the few times where we have braved it out of the house have always resulted in accidents, so we’ve kind of hit a wall.

I’ll set the scene – we’re very much a baby led household. I knew I didn’t want to have Elle potty trained by a certain time, so we went with it and always had the potty out during nappy free time. She very quickly got the hang of using it and now will use the proper toilet by herself whenever required. Accidents at home now are pretty much non existent which is great. The only slight problem with this is that in her head, knickers are the same as nappies and so whenever we’ve tried big-girl pants, she’s had an accident and has then refused to wear them.

However, literally just in the last few days, Elle’s actually asked to wear pants! Inspired by one of her friends at nursery, I’m really hoping that this is a turning point. And the thing is, I know she’s capable of doing it, as her behaviour at home shows. I totally had mum-guilt at the park the other day, when she was running round in nappies looking far too old to be wearing them. (I know, I know, if anyone said that to me, I’d think stop being so judgemental). Sometimes I (we) do worry that our relaxed approached to parenting is perhaps, well a little too relaxed. Should we be pushing her to wear pants? She clearly has good bladder control and is comfortable using the toilet. But then perhaps when she’s out and about it’s just all too distracting and she’s not quite ready?

And what on earth do you do in the car? We regularly do long car journeys and stopping immediately isn’t always easy. What about at night time? Surely they can’t go through the night without needed a wee? I rarely do that and I’m a grown up! My main concern is about confusing my lovely girl so if anyone can share any pearls of wisdom I’d really appreciate it.

(P.S. Sadly this is not my bathroom, but one the gorgeous bathrooms at the lovely Iscoyd Park, one of RMW’s favourite wedding venues. You can see more on Rock My Style)