In a couple of weeks we are heading off to France on holiday. We’re driving down to Seignosse near Biarritz, which I couldn’t be more excited about. Except for one tiny thing…

Over the last few months, Elle has really struggled with travel sickness. We’ve done long journeys with her since she was a teeny tiny newborn, for those of you who don’t know, we live in Cornwall and regularly drive up to see family, friends or for work commitments in the Midlands and London. Until this point, she’s happily snoozed for the entire way (we tend to do the majority of driving after 7pm).

But of late, she’s really struggled with feeling sick. And not just feeling sick, but being sick too. If you’ve ever had to wash a sicky car seat, in the dark, in a layby just using baby wipes, then you’ll know this is a GAME CHANGER when it comes to travelling. You just don’t want to go anywhere anymore. I dread long car journeys and have taken to sitting in the back with Elle, armed with sick bags and old towels – just in case. But it’s gotten easier ever since we got that ford dealership near me and bought a new vehicle.

We seem to have found a solution by which we don’t let Elle eat or drink anything for a few hours before the journey and so far, this has worked. But this time around, it’s such a long drive and there’s a ferry involved too, that I don’t think I can legitimately starve her for an entire day. And the poor thing will need to drink something too.

So, while we will attempt to prevent her from eating anything too rich, or guzzling juice like only toddlers can, we’re looking for ideas to hopefully prevent the sickness in the first place. Here’s what Dr Google has told me so far…

  • Keep the car well ventillated
  • Distract child using music/singing
  • Pack spare clothes & lots of towels
  • Play games that involve looking out of the window, rather than focussing inside the car
  • Avoid strong smells in the car

Has anyone had any success with these travel bands? Has anyone found any amazing natural remedies? Should I try travel medication? Really hoping some of you lovely reader can help me out…

Header image of the insanely cute espadrilles from the Heidi Klein kids collection