Hi everyone. I am Amy and I work over on The Love Lust List, the Rock My Wedding handpicked wedding supplier directory. You will see me popping up on here from time to time sharing my parental experiences so thanks for having me x

My husband and I live in a two bed end terrace house… with our three children. Max 8, Murray 5 and our daughter Meade who is about to turn 3. This of course means they all share a room and do you know what, they love it.

Max and Murray are one side of the room in matching single beds. We actually did try a bunk bed for a short period of time but there is something so lovely about twin beds and happily reverted back. My requirement for the boys beds was space underneath. Murray is still at the big toy stage. Under his bed is a remote control car graveyard and between the boys they have an artillery of Nerf at the ready for any monster invasions.

Meade is still in her moKee cot that is positioned at the other side of the room. When I was pregnant with Meade I knew we would be space poor so I had decided to get a cot rather than Cot Bed. The benefit with the moKee is that it is small, cot sized yet the child can still grow with it as one of the sides is removable. In it’s current state it is like a mini day bed. Also, they are totally gorgeous, let’s not pretend that wasn’t a benefit for this Instaholic Mother.

Sharing a room means my children have to negotiate and compromise and basically are forced to share in general. The boys have only recently claimed a bed for themselves. They used to swap, chop and change all the time. This was even the case during the bunk bed stage. Completely all their doing, it was just something that evolved with them. until landing on sides maybe three months ago.

They share toys and rarely claim ‘ownership’ on belongings because it’s all there, in their room, free for all to use. I think much like at school in the classrooms.  

All three children go to bed at the same time, in the same room. Hello! This benefit is awesome. Bedtime for my three is at 7pm. The boys read to me and I read to them, not every night y’all I am no supermum!

After we have had stories, kisses, hugs and high fives and I have clocked off, may or may not be drinking a sneaky glass of vino, they chat. They don’t make any effort to try and come back downstairs because they are together, they have company and I think it’s their little pre-sleep pow wows that helps makes them so close. Full Disclosure, this does not mean I am not shouting ‘get to sleep!’ from the bottom of the stairs, as they giggle back at me.

Our long term goal with the house has always been to extend. So ‘the dorm’ as it’s affectionately known has had the ‘temporary’ label on it, making it easier to justify. I sometimes feel uncomfortable that our house in it’s current proportions cannot provide my children the luxury of a room each. Then I remember that not once have they ever complained or asked for their own rooms. We aren’t in squalor here they just share a room, much like that off the olden days when it was perfectly acceptable to do so.

When our extension is realised (we are currently at planning) they will be separated and will be just as happy in their own rooms as they are happy now I am sure. There are perks I see coming my way when this happens. I can decorate, who doesn’t love that? Give them a room specifically designed with their individuals likes in mind. I have visions of a calmer morning where they will be getting dressed in different rooms – dream. I will have the ability to separate them and be separate from them. 

The timing is certainly right for us to extend now as Max approaches nine years old. It does make me a little sad though but maybe that’s just because they are growing up.