I’ve come to realise in the last few months that just because your baby CAN sleep through the night…it doesn’t mean that they WILL.

Since turning one, Elle’s sleep has definitely taken a turn for the worse. I’ve always thought of her as a good sleeper (whatever that means) but the last few months have been somewhat different.

Firstly, the weeks leading up to her learning to walk were very unsettled – a lot of whinging, not much sleeping. Then she had her immunisations and was feverish for a few days. THEN she picked up a nasty virus. THEN she was teething (again). And now, I’m not really sure what’s up, maybe 2am is the new party time for babies and I just didn’t get the memo?! Quite frankly I’m exhausted. All I’m asking for is just ONE night of uninterrupted sleep to recharge the batteries, recover from the virus I caught from her, and return my patience levels to normal. Yes, I’m ashamed to admit that I’m not the most patient person when woken up during the night. And yes, I feel like a horrible person even saying any of this because she’s so tiny and it’s not her fault and she just needs her mama. And of course, I get up, cuddle her, rock her, stroke her little head and hold her hand until she drifts off. But I’m still completely exhausted…

I know lots of you with tiny babies will be going through this at the moment and the thought of your baby sleeping through the night is your only salvation, and I promise you it will happen (and you don’t need to do any sleep training, or controlled crying for that matter either). But I stupidly thought once they slept through the night, that was that. HA HA HA.

The thing is, when they are newborns people expect you to be a mess, everyone is happy to listen to your incoherent conversation, make you cups of tea and tell you how cute your baby is. Plus you don’t have to work so you can nap while the baby naps. Unfortunately once they are 14 months and you’re back at work – it’s pretty essential that you can converse coherently. And you can wave goodbye to naps too, you’ll be spending those quiet hours (if you’re lucky) frantically tidying up everything that your little one just spent hours pulling out of drawers and cupboards…

Those smug mothers with older babies who would say to you – ‘oh, you just wait until they can move, that’s when the real fun begins’ and you wanted to punch them in the face? Turns out they were right. And what’s even worse, I’ve become one. Oh how I miss the motionless days.

Please can someone tell me that this won’t last forever? Please let me know that my ‘good’ sleeper will return?! I’d just like to know how much longer a decent night’s sleep will be out of my grasp?! Will she sleep when she’s 2? 3??? 4????? Please, please, please say it will happen soon.

Of course, I’m half joking, I totally understand the responsibilities of having a baby, but that doesn’t mean I don’t crave a long hot soak in the bath, followed by 10 hours of blissful sleep. Who doesn’t?!

Is anyone else shattered? Did anyone else’s little one go through a weird sleep phase around 12 – 14 months? Does anyone have any tips for coping with sleep deprivation?!

Fern x

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