I promise you that all our posts won’t be about shopping (honest!). However, if you are like me you will most likely know a lot of expectant mums and finding that all important newborn gift is never the easiest job!

There is an abundance of cuteness out there but what do you choose and most importantly how do you find that one gift that they really want to receive?

After having Molly and Alice I was the lucky recipient of many beautiful presents and although all were lovely there were some that really stood out. It was those presents that I used time and time again. Some got me through those first few months and there are some that I still use now, nearly 4 years later. I learnt a thing or two from these and have since purchased many newborn gifts for others that always seems to be well received, or so I hope!

Today I wanted to share some of my top gifts with you that I think everyone will love. Charlotte has added a few of her favourites too and we’ve covered a range of prices so you can choose from a simple (yet much treasured) book through to a whole bundle of more luxe goodies.

Under £10

Charlotte had these cute booties from The White Company for Mabel. They were so soft and such good quality and were essential for keeping toes toasty. If only they came in my size!

They say you can never have enough muslins in the first 6 months and “they” are exactly right! There are many bargain multi packs of white squares out there but Charlotte found that when she was going out she always reached for the coloured or patterned versions that had been gifted. They seemed to show up marks and spillages less and let’s face it… They just look nicer. She had several sets from Mothercare and they can be found at a reasonable £9.99 for a pack of 6 different better-than-white hues.

I’m a big fan of books and they make the perfect gift for a newborn. They are something to be enjoyed as baby grows and enjoys listening and sharing in the stories. The classics from Janet and Allan Ahlberg are firm favourites of mine with Peepo still being the chosen bedtime story most nights. There is something so utterly charming about the stories and they also happen to be the ones I remember from my own childhood. This in itself is testament to the fact that these books stand the test of time.

£10 – £20

Blankets get a lot of use by little ones. Tucked up in a moses basket, in the pram, drapped over baby during snuggles with mum. I had some really beautiful blankets for the girls and I still use them now, 4 years later. Some were gorgeous hand knitted ones but the one’s I used most were soft jersey blankets. They were great as an extra layer in winter or a light cover in summer. We still use the girl’s blankets when out and about in the car or buggy. This Frugi blanket was Molly’s favourite. We had it in a mouse print but the current bumble bee print is just adorable. It also has a cute hood. What’s not to love?

As a new Mum Charlotte always found making sure Mabel wasn’t too warm or indeed too chilly quite challenging – the temperature can change so rapidly, especially if you are out and about. She found layering was key and always took a cardigan with her even if it was warm in case of over enthusiastic air conditioning! This Knitted Sheep Design from John Lewis is super cute and would make a lovely gift.

As well as muslins, you can never have enough sleep suits. Bar the odd fancy outfit these are what Mabel lived in for the first 3 months, if not longer. Charlotte found John Lewis were the best quality in terms of wear, they still looked like new after several dozen wash cycles. These work out at a fiver each as they come in a pack of three – the woodland print is especially lovely.

£20 – £30

Molly has a bit of an obsession with soft toys! It may well stem from the amount she received when she was born. The favourites of both my girls are the Jelly Cat range and it’s easy to see why. They are just so unbelievably soft! They did get given rather a lot but believe me that’s no bad thing. The comfort blanket has been attached to Alice’s side since she was a few months old (it’s a bit tatty now!) but the other item that has been a permenant fixture is the musical star. It’s soothing lullaby is played every bedtime and nap time and is part of the night time routine now. This sheep version is just the sweetest.

One thing Charlotte didn’t have for Mabel as a small baby was a robe – so useful for the colder months especially straight after bath time. She had a look at several and this one from The White Company was the softest. They are very roomy so should last a long time, Mabel is still wearing her 6-12 months robe at 18 months!

Continuing the bath theme, you can’t go wrong with a lovely snuggly hooded bath towel. I had lots but my favourites were the more special ones – particularly those that had a pattern or cute hood. Given how many times baby will be bathed (a lot!) then this one from Farg Form at This Modern Life is great value. Ok, so I know this is a bit spendy for a towel but trust me that this will be used many times – price per wear and all that! (and the cloud print is pretty darn stylish too!)

£30 plus

In terms of gift “sets” this 4 piece option from Boden is really special and has been so well received by new Mums Charlotte has bought it for. Beautiful unisex prints, super quality and every item is a “must have” for your new little one.

This adorable baby name bunting from Studio Sappor is a firm favourite amongst the team. It has been gifted many times and loved by each and every recipient. You can choose the fabrics and colours to really make it personal. Pricing is based on £6 a letter. You may well see it gracing a few of the nursery’s we have featured.

Creating a baby hamper is a great option as you can add in all sorts of lovely things for baby and mum. Everything from the essentials like muslins, sleepsuits and nappy cream through to a cute cuddly toy or book. Some gorgeous toiletries for mum and baby like this baby wash from Burt’s Bees are a real treat. You could even pop in a bottle of Champagne for the new parents to toast the arrival. Package it all in a lovely wicker basket which can be used in the nursery afterwards. I have created these quite a few times and they always go down well. They also make the perfect group present from friends or colleagues when you can afford to spend that little bit more.

For Mums

Let’s not forget the mums when it comes to present buying! A little treat for them would be most welcomed. Something simple like a lovely hand cream or Body Oil is the perfect treat for when they might get 5 minutes to themselves.

Charlotte tends to buy her friends an item of Chanel make-up (because everyone needs a small shiny black cased piece of joy right?) and the Rouge Coco Shine in Boy is a brighten-your-face suits all pinky-mauve shade that moisturises like a balm and makes you look like you’ve made a massive effort with a 2 second swipe from the tube.

When I had Molly I was the lucky recipient of a lovely spa treatment voucher from a group of friends. It was something I could really look forward to and although I didn’t get to use it for 6 months those few hours away being pampered were bliss.

So, that’s my roundup of my favourite newborn gifts to give and receive but please do let us know your suggestions?