Sometimes I have to stop and take a breath. As we enter the summer holidays I’ve had to deal with the fact that my little Alice is no longer at pre-school. Come September she is officially at big girl school. I mean how does that even happen?

Alice is young for her year and being a July baby means she has only just turned four. There is a part of me that feels she is too young to be at school but a part of me that knows she is more than ready for this next challenge. Ok, she might have a major case of tiredness and I fear Friday afternoons are going to be hell but we will get through it!

I’m really lucky that her pre-school is attached to her new school so I am not at all nervous about her settling down. She knows the teachers, she has her amazing group of friends and there is none of the unknown that comes with starting school. She is also used to spending time in the reception class from when she has dropped her big sister off so it’s nothing new to her.

Sometimes Alice seems so grown up and I know she is so ready for this adventure but at other times I look at her as she cuddles in to me and remember my teeny tiny baby. Is it wrong to want to keep her small forever?

However I am so proud of her starting and how much I know she will develop. The amount Molly has learnt in her first year of school is immense. She went not being able to read and can now confidently read anything you put in front of her (Not so good when she is constantly sat by me reading our work group messenger as it’s not always five year old appropriate!!). Those scribbly marks of her name have developed in to pages of beautiful writing and my shy little girl is a confident and outgoing five year old. I cannot wait to see how Alice changes and grows. It is truly amazing to see.

I’m not one to get emotional about the next phase of their life and when Molly started school last year I was so excited for her. I am excited for Alice but I guess I know the changes this time are going to affect me a lot more. It’s a new phase of my life too. Suddenly I am child free EVERY day. I’m actually excited for myself. I’ll miss my couple of days with Alice each week but am looking forward to being super organised (she says) and ploughing through work whilst they are at school before enjoying being ‘mum’ again when they return. There is something quite liberating, and also scary, about that.

Part of my aim is to stop rushing every morning and instead have everything ready to go the night before. This will not last, I know, but I can at least pretend for now. School books will be read and signed, lunches ready and uniforms laid out.

When Tesco got in touch about their new back to school range it was perfect timing. After all I am very firmly in the school shopping mindset. As any of you with school kids will know it is a lengthy list and not cheap at that. I try to buy quality over quantity but also need to know I’m not paying over the odds for something they will likely grow out of over the next six months. In fact Molly has been through three sizes of pinafores this year alone. I kid you not. Hitting the supermarket for their basics is a must and I’ll regularly pop in a new summer dress or a pack of socks whilst buying my bread and milk. The quality of the Tesco clothes is fantastic and they wash so well. Oh, and if you read my recent post on ironing then the non-ironers amongst you are in for a treat!

Granted my girls don’t tend to tear around too much at school but friends who also buy there have assured me their boisterous little ones are yet to ruin a pair of trousers or a skirt. It’s probably those reinforced knees and stain resistant finishes which mean the clothes still look smart after a multitude of washing cycles to remove the inevitable pens, paint and mud that accumulates. I have got so fed up with the girls yellow polo shirts fading so I’m looking forward to the Tesco cotton rich ones with their stay new for longer colours, no bobbles after washing and stays feeling like new. Plus the double stitched shoulders and arm holes and ripple stitched collar are sure to make them that bit more durable.

I also love cute styles. I am well aware it isn’t a fashion parade but there is nothing better than a pinafore dress and the scalloped collar on the girls polo shirts is super sweet.

I’m pretty sure come the first day of term I will be a) completely disorganised and b) totally emotional but for now I shall pretend that all is calm and that my babies aren’t both grown up.

Does anyone else have little ones heading off to school this year? How are you feeling about it all? Big hugs to you xx

This post is sponsored by Tesco but we would never recommend products we didn’t love.